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The stories are repeated in drama and song, with the goal of everyone in the fellowship learning the story by heart. Deaf people also learn best interactively. Most hearing worship services are not set up with such an opportunity for interaction. Every believer is given spiritual gifts. But God has created all of us to be ministers, including the Deaf.

Deaf people best understand the Gospel when a Deaf believer shares it with them in the local sign language.

Strength for Today; Bright Hope for Tomorrow | Lamplighter

Furthermore, Deaf people prefer to learn new information in a chronological order. Each narrative is accompanied by an introduction to give context, and a section giving more information about the passage. Repeatedly, the Deaf say that they never really understood the Bible until they saw a Chronological Bible Translation. We believe that Deaf believers are the best people to reach unreached Deaf communities. Deaf-friendly training in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development is even rarer. We help recruit and train teams of two Deaf leaders an evangelist and a teacher , called a 2-by-2 team.

The goal is a model of Deaf-led church planting that is reproducible and sustainable. The 2-by-2 teams follow the practice of the Apostle Paul, staying in a given city until fellowships and leaders have been established and can reproduce themselves , and then moving on to new cities to continue the process. They have three sons all born on a different continent. Mike, their oldest, was born in the state of Michigan while Denny was attending Calvin College and Seminary.

Kendall, their middle son, was born in Nigeria while Denny and Sharon were serving there as interns. Eric, their youngest, was born in Taiwan where they served as missionaries for 7 years.

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All are married, and Denny and Sharon have 9 grandchildren. He was then asked to serve there as the Director of Development and later named as President. For 32 years he worked to get Scriptures to people all around the world who simply had no other way of ever hearing the Good News. Since The Deaf is one of the largest remaining unreached people groups, he happily consented to becoming a board member.

What a joy to see many Deaf coming to Christ, forming local Deaf churches! Join us in reaching these dear people, who need the Good News so desperately!

  • Finding strength for today through anticipation of tomorrow.
  • Promise for Today - Strength for Tomorrow.
  • Strength for today and BRIGHT HOPE for tomorrow!?
  • Life Together.

They are blessed with two children; Benjamin Gamble married to Jennifer who has two daughters Nori and Annie, and reside in California. I loved helping to plant 3 churches. My newest chapter of ministry is helping leaders transform organizations that can transform our communities. My service on the board of DOOR International has had a profound impact on my thinking about global missions!

Strength for Tomorrow, Grace for Today - Marty Parks

That led her to a degree in deaf education at Michigan State and on to teaching the deaf at both the elementary and high school levels. Wolverine is an independent oil and gas exploration company with production in the continental United States. Sid began working in the oil fields of Michigan at the age of Over the years, he has worked in almost every aspect of the business — from pumping wells to managing field operations for Wolverine Gas and Oil. While working at Wolverine he has started, sold and invested in a number of other companies related to the oil and gas business.

Sid is involved with his local church and has also served on the board of several non-profits. He and his wife Sharin have been married for 27 years and have 6 children. Her desire is to be a voice for the voiceless, and to see the God of justice right all wrongs. Katey and Jeff enjoy laughing at them, going fishing together, and serving the Lord at Nunica Bible Church.

When not working, Jojo can be found enjoying a competitive game of cricket or English football soccer. Jesus saved my life. Previous Post Deaf in Ethiopia are coming to Christ. Close Menu. Rob Myers. Chris Evans. Amanda Hurt. Amanda and her husband, Chris, are the proud parents of twin girls. Most are familiar with the lyrics of the well-known hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness, and have sung with joy the heartfelt words:.

These words come from the heart of Thomas Chisholm, who directs our thoughts to a portion of Scripture that meant much to him. He received his inspiration from the study of Lamentations 3, which inspired him to pen these words:.

This is a significant truth to bring with us into the New Year and to carry with us in our relationships with one another. You hid it because it scared you. It meant that you were different. That you would be judged. That some people would walk away from you. We got scared just by seeing the outline of it. Take the risk of letting it expand to its full glory. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Another kind of courage is not allowing anyone else to control who you are.

Taking a stand for yourself, for someone else is always scary.

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But what is so interesting is that if you were to see into the minds of a crowd watching a bully, most of the crowd will not agree with what is happening. They are all waiting for someone to take a stand. And once someone does take a stand, others in the crowd will join with them. They are just not brave enough to be the first person.

A totally different kind of courage is standing up to your own friends, your family, your tribe. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. These are people who you want to accept you, to love you. When you take a risk, that they are all telling you not to take, it feels like they are no longer your friends. You counted on their support and they withdrew it.

As you travel down the path from who you are now, to who you think you can be, what you discover is that some friends will be left behind.



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