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The Record

One of the great technological innovations of the 20th century, the automobile, had also left police officers increasingly isolated from the communities they patrolled.


They were in their cars. They were there to provide a community service. They were there to serve and protect, as the slogan put it. Another shift was happening in Hollywood and on television. Occasionally, Rivera would interrupt the film, breaking news—style, and a television in the studio would flash to a drug bust happening at that moment somewhere in the country.

It was a logistically complicated gambit. The stunt required, among other things, a helicopter, a satellite, a live director in New York, and camera crews tagging along on three busts, including one in Fort Lauderdale that John was there for. In his telling, it was nearly derailed by the vagaries of television: The director wanted to cut to commercial as deputies were preparing to break down a door. Then, a camera crew member panicked. Rivera did not respond to a request for comment.

Legal Ownership

John told Chao that he could produce a new weekly show. I can deliver every week. I laughed, of course. None of us knew it was possible. But it was a peculiar kind of transparency that John was proposing. No tripods were allowed. For every one minute of footage that was aired, they shot The pilot and first few episodes feel more like a documentary than the quick-hit, on-the-street vignettes that the show later perfected. We see Sheriff Navarro surveying the interior of a crack house, then we see him at a reelection campaign party promising to rid the the county of the drug.

We see a patrol deputy, Jerry Wurms, pulling over carloads of drug-hungry white kids cruising black neighborhoods, then we see him proposing to his girlfriend and colleague, deputy Linda Canada. Wurms is tall, with thinning hair and stylish black shades. It has nothing to do with white or black.

It has to do with crimes against persons. People that come over here to buy drugs get involved in serious crimes. She dresses down prostitutes.

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She tenderly calms a young girl whose mother is involved in a domestic dispute. In August , eight months after the show premiered, Canada and Wurms were flown to New York City, put up in a Manhattan hotel, and treated to dinner. There were no cell phones, and what was probably the most high-profile, real-life police video of the century—the beating of Rodney King—was still a few years away.

Or so shabby. Or so pointless. Soon criminologists and media scholars began quantifying such critiques. For black people, the shows did nothing to improve their attitudes about cops. Not that this should have been all that surprising. In other words, white people, who have fewer bad encounters with the law than black people, tend to like the police more.

For African-Americans, the inverse is true. They might not be thought out, but the shows can help crystallize them. Tactics like de-escalation all begin there, Haberfeld says. There, officers study for three years and earn a degree in police studies before they hit the streets; here, Haberfeld says, the average department requires just 17 weeks.

Around the turn of the century, those same departments began acquiring high-powered rifles, tanks, sonic weapons, and other old military equipment. Fucking MGS3 Takedown lmao. ToastBread 14 jan. SukYaMum 14 jan. Crowleyveap 14 jan. BirdG 13 jan. The head smacking the pavement ClitasaurusRex 14 jan. He went Seth Rogue. This nigga is out of stamina.

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Bruce Willis: John McClane

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Me, Luke and Danny told him to slow down. However, while this would be seen as a winning corroboration for Danny, officers had to wonder how reliable this testimony was. Could he be protecting Danny? During a car crash, friction from the body slamming against the seat belt at high speed can create enough heat to melt clothing.

This means that any residue material on the seats can be tested to reveal who was driving the car at the point of the accident, and who was sat elsewhere. In this case, the forensic evidence shows that it was Zax who was behind the wheel when the car crashed. Portsmouth Crown Court heard Zax had drunk seven pints in the pub with his father in the afternoon before the crash at He admitted death by dangerous driving and was jailed for eight years while Danny was jailed for six years for aiding and abetting death by dangerous driving.

Life in prison is what they deserve because they still have their lives — Luke does not. They have no remorse.

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  • A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh
    A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh
    A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh
    A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh
    A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh
    A Cops Gotta Laugh A Cops Gotta Laugh

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