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Coach and upskill employees — whose jobs will be impacted by the digitalisation — and advise them on new placement opportunities internal or external mobility.

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Demonstrate the value of a proactive and preventive upskilling approach for companies, employees and society. The a dvantages for the companies are the following:. The welcoming company wishes to enter into the Skills Bridge programme due to a need for newly trained and skilled employees. You will take part in the Forum Z "Who is afraid of the digital?

Skills Assessment

We are very pleased about your support and are looking forward for lively exchanges with you about the latest methodological developments and challenges in our fields of work. We already have numerous registrations and hope to meet a large audience. MySelf is a user-friendly platform for communication and self-branding.

The pilot project will take place under the current legislative framework. Support companies and their employees whose activity will be radically transformed by major technological change towards a new organisation, new functions and jobs. Learn more Apply now. The Joseph Project is an organization that offers job skills training and recruits its participants from neighborhoods around the state that are under the poverty line.


By working with local companies, the Joseph Project knows exactly what skills prospective employers are looking for and incorporates the appropriate training into its curriculum. Once a month, a new group of jobseekers meets at the Greater Praise Church of God to embark on a week-long jobs training course. By focusing on the skills that are in demand locally, as well as teaching participants courses in time management, financial management and spiritual fitness, the Joseph Project prepares jobseekers for the modern workforce.

In addition to providing training, the Joseph Project also connects its participants to prospective employers once they have completed the training.

Another major aspect of the unemployment problem is transportation. And relocating, especially without an income, is exceedingly difficult. While the first 30 days are free to each participant, participants have the option to continue using the services for a small fee. This part of the program has become such a success, the Joseph Project has received several donated vans to expand the service.

Bridge the skills gap

And while the Joseph Project is helping many Wisconsin residents reclaim the dignity that comes with successfully holding down a job and earning an income, they are hardly alone in their mission. In fact, the Joseph Project is just one of the many groups Stand Together Foundation partners with on a regular basis. Attacking the root of poverty is the only way we can truly break the vicious cycle. And jobs are not only essential to this quest, they are also a powerful tool in the hands of individuals ready and eager to change their lives. Tweet Share Share.

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But a job provides so much more than just income. A New Unemployment Problem Normally, whenever there is a national dialogue surrounding unemployment, most of the proposed solutions involve boosting job creation.


Bridging the Gap While a lot of modern professions require college degrees, many of the 5. More information about text formats. Text format Comments Plain text. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

6 strategies to bridge the skills gap

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Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills
Bridge of Skills Bridge of Skills

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