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Townsend version. A fox one day fell into a deep well and could find no means of escape. A Goat, overcome with thirst, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water was good. Concealing his sad plight under a merry guise, the Fox indulged in a lavish praise of the water, saying it was excellent beyond measure, and encouraging him to descend. The Goat, mindful only of his thirst, thoughtlessly jumped down, but just as he drank, the Fox informed him of the difficulty they were both in and suggested a scheme for their common escape. If you had as many brains in your head as you have hairs in your beard, you would never have gone down before you had inspected the way up, nor have exposed yourself to dangers from which you had no means of escape.

Samuel Croxall. A Fox having tumbled, by chance, into a well, had been casting about a long while, to no purpose, how he should get out again; when, at last, a Goat came to the place, and wanting, to drink, asked Reynard, Whether the water was good! The Goat, upon this, without any more ado, leapt in; and the Fox, taking the advantage of his horns, by the assistance of them, as nimbly leapt out, leaving the poor Goat at the bottom of the well, to shift for himself. The doctrine taught us by this fable is no more than this, that we ought to consider who it is that advises us, before we follow the advice.

For, however plausible the counsel may seem, if the person that gives it is a crafty knave, we may be assured that he intends to serve himself in it, more than us, if not to erect something to his own advantage out of our ruin. Jefferys Taylor. JBR Collection. Fox and a Goat once journeyed together. The Goat was a simple creature, seldom seeing beyond his own nose; while the Fox, like most of his kind, was a master of knavery.

You had better rear up against the wall; then, by the aid of your horns, I can get out, and, once out, of course I can help you. I should never have thought of that. How I wish I had your brains, to be sure! A brilliant piece of historical research by Ian Abbott shows how difficult it was to introduce the fox to Australia. Some early releases were evidently quite serious attempts to establish wild populations, such as a liberation of a group of at least six foxes in the Dandenong Ranges in Released animals were rarely, if ever, seen again.

They may have been killed by hunters or dingoes, or they might have taken poison baits that were laid for dingoes and stray dogs.

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In any case, they did not establish viable populations. It was not until about that a fox population finally took off, on the Werribee Park property of the wealthy Chirnside family. From that point the fox was unstoppable. Despite all attempts at control it swept like an avenging fire through all of the southern half of Australia in just a few decades. This history nicely illustrates an important biological principle. Small, newly introduced populations face a high intrinsic likelihood of going extinct.

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This history may now be repeating in Tasmania where an illegal release of several foxes in about has evidently resulted in a widely dispersed but extremely low-density fox population. The Tasmanian State Government is attempting to push this population towards extinction using broad-scale poison baiting.

Man helps fox cub with head stuck in can.

This is controversial, but is the most sensible response to the risk that foxes will do to the Tasmanian environment what they have already done to mainland Australia. As with any other well-established invasive species, it is very hard to turn back the clock and reduce the impact of foxes. Trapping and shooting generally have little effect on population size unless they are done intensively in well-defined areas where rates of re-invasion are low.

Bounty schemes set up to encourage broad-scale fox removal by shooters, such as the program recently established by the Victorian State Government, are likely to be ineffective and wasteful. First, poison baiting using can give good results, because foxes readily take poison baits. McFarland resigned after four months. Trump recently picked the former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert to be the Ambassador to the United Nations, but she soon withdrew herself from consideration, reportedly because her nanny, an immigrant, lacked a work permit.

Several others who have left the Trump White House, including Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser on national security, regularly appear on Fox. Other former Fox News celebrities have practically become part of the Trump family. Guilfoyle left the network mid-contract, after a former Fox employee threatened to sue the network for harassment and accused Guilfoyle of sharing lewd images, among other misconduct; Fox and the former employee reached a multimillion-dollar settlement.

Sean Hannity has told colleagues that he speaks to the President virtually every night, after his show ends, at 10 P. There is no ordinary policy-development system.

Watch what happens when a man frees a fox cub from a tin can

He thinks anything on Fox is friendly. But the problem is he gets unvetted ideas. It is hardly unprecedented for American media barons to go beyond their pages to try to influence the course of politics. Kennedy selected Lyndon Johnson as his running mate. But now a direct pipeline has been established between the Oval Office and the office of Rupert Murdoch, the Australian-born billionaire who founded News Corp and 21st Century Fox.

Multiple sources told me that Murdoch and Trump often talk on the phone. He speaks to him the same way he would have five years ago. But Murdoch, arguably the most powerful media mogul in the world, is an invaluable ally to any politician.

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  8. Well-informed sources say that Kushner, an increasingly valued White House adviser, has worked hard to win over Murdoch, showing him respect and asking him for advice. Kushner has regularly assured Murdoch that the White House is a smooth-running operation, despite many reports suggesting that it is chaotic. Kushner now has an almost filial status with Murdoch, who turns eighty-eight this month, and numerous sources told me that they communicate frequently.

    Roger Ailes, during his final days at Fox, apparently warned Murdoch of the perils. Trump became famous, in no small part, because of Rupert Murdoch. In private, Murdoch regarded Trump with disdain, seeing him as a real-estate huckster and a shady casino operator. But, for all their differences, the two men had key traits in common.

    They both inherited and expanded family enterprises—an Australian newspaper; an outer-borough New York City real-estate firm—but felt looked down upon by people who were richer and closer to the centers of power. Trump and Murdoch also share a transactional approach to politics, devoid of almost any ideology besides self-interest. Murdoch, who had been a U. After the meal, Murdoch led him outside to take in the glittering view of the Los Angeles Basin, and confided that he planned to launch a radical new television network.

    Unlike the three established networks, which vied for the same centrist viewers, his creation would follow the unapologetically lowbrow model of the tabloids that he published in Australia and England, and appeal to a narrow audience that would be entirely his. His core viewers, he said, would be football fans; with this aim in mind, he had just bought the rights to broadcast N.

    He was going to carve out a base—what would become the Trump base. Blair Levin, at that time the chief of staff at the F. Buckley, Jr. By , Fox had displaced CNN as the highest-rated cable news network, and it has remained on top ever since. Murdoch was going to make a Trump exist.

    Fox ‘knocked on door for help’ after getting head stuck in container

    Until then, the network had largely mocked birtherism as a conspiracy theory. Its coverage of the Benghazi debacle —a tragic embassy ambush not unlike others that had claimed American lives in previous Administrations—devolved into a relentless attack on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In certain instances, however, Fox executives enforced journalistic limits.

    At the height of the Tea Party rebellion, Ailes reprimanded Hannity for violating the line between journalism and politics. Hannity had arranged to tape his evening Fox show at a Tea Party fund-raiser in Ohio. When Ailes learned of the plan, only hours before the event, he demanded that Hannity cancel his appearance. Such niceties no longer apply. In November, Hannity joined Trump onstage at a climactic rally for the midterm elections. That was an egregious mistake. It was way over the line.

    Fox Gets Head Stuck In Trash Can Lid - The Dodo

    Although Ailes paid occasional lip service to journalistic integrity, Fox News was hardly fair and balanced under his leadership. Sherman has reported that, when the network hosted the first Republican Presidential debate, in August, , in Cleveland, Murdoch advised Ailes to make sure that the moderators hit Trump hard. This put Ailes in an awkward position. Trump drew tremendous ratings and had fervent supporters, and Ailes was afraid of losing that audience to rival media outlets.

    Bannon , was generating huge traffic by championing Trump. They had lunch shortly before Trump announced his candidacy, and Ailes gave Trump political tips during the primaries. Someone Ailes could not bully or intimidate. Trump had hung up on Kelly after she ran a segment about his divorce from Ivana Trump, which noted that Ivana had signed an affidavit claiming that Trump had raped her.

    Against this strained backdrop, at the debate in Cleveland, Kelly asked Trump a famously tough question. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect President? Fox received a flood of e-mails, almost all of them anti-Kelly. It also kicked off a feud between Trump and Fox, in which Trump briefly boycotted the channel, hurting its ratings and forcing Ailes to grovel. Trump has made the debate a point of pride. Two of those sources say that they know of the tipoff from a purported eyewitness.

    In addition, a former Trump campaign aide says that a Fox contact gave him advance notice of a different debate question, which asked the candidates whether they would support the Republican nominee, regardless of who won. These claims are hard to evaluate: Ailes is dead, and they conflict with substantial reporting suggesting that the rift between Trump and Fox was bitter.

    A Fox spokesperson strongly denied the allegations, and declined requests for interviews with employees involved in the debate. They would have you out of business. The network apologized to Carlson, and paid her a twenty-million-dollar settlement. Murdoch was slow to see the gravity of the sexual-harassment issue, but his two sons—James, the C.

    His demand forced the company to take action, since the notes of the meeting created a public paper trail. Ailes also began developing a plan to go into business with Trump. Ailes was so excited that he was willing to forfeit his severance payment from Fox, which was attached to a non-compete agreement. He asked Bannon to join the venture and to start planning it as soon as Trump lost the election.

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