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DisBorereaTy a wtmmc. Presently I received a message to Abe. C and Sons; a -firm-flf pipe. They dismissed him be. The walking delegate. So the smoothness with which this, his greatest job, progressed was his especial joy. In his heart he credited this smoothness to the brown young foreman who had just come back to his side — but he didn't tell Keating so. The foreman shrugged his shoulders slightly, and joined the gang Mr. Driscoll was watching. In the year he had worked for Mr. Driscoll he had learned to be philosophic over that gentleman's gruffness: he didn't like the man, so why should he mind his words?

The men had fastened a sling about a twenty-five foot column and to this had attached the hook of the pulley. The seventy-foot arm of the crane now slowly rose and drew after it the column, dangling vertically. Directed by the signals of Tom's right hand the column sank with precision to its appointed place at one corner of the building.

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It was quickly fastened to the head of the column beneath it with four bolts. Later the riveters, whose hammers were now maintaining a terrific rattle two floors below, would replace the four bolts by four rows of rivets.

walking delegate

At this a loosely-jointed man threw off his slouch hat, encircled the column with his arms, and mounted with little springs. Near its top he locked his legs around the column, and, thus supported and working with both hands, he unfastened the rope from the pulley hook and the column, and threw it below.

He then stepped into the hook of the pulley, swung through the air to the flooring, picked up his hat and slapped it against his leg. Sometimes Mr. Driscoll forgot his principle.

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While Pete was nonchalantly loosening the sling, leaning out over the street, nothing between him and the pavement but the grip of his legs, there was something very like a look of admiration in Mr. Driscoll's aggravating eyes. He moved over to Pete just as the latter was pulling on his slouch hat. That's nothin'," said Pete.

Down in the street, why, who knows when a brick's agoin' to fall on your head! Driscoll remembered himself and his eyes clicked.

He turned from Pete, and called to the young foreman: "I'll look at the riveters now. There came toward Tom a little, stocky man, commonly known as "Rivet Head. Driscoll to where the head of a ladder stuck up through the flooring. When they seen him standin' there every blamed sinner'd turn back with a yell an' stretch their legs for the other road.

Tom don't like Driscoll any more'n the rest of us do, an' he ain't goin' to say any more to him'n he has to. Pete, Bill, and Jake sprang to the wooden lever that extended from the base of the ninety-foot mast; and they threw their weight against the bar, bending it as a bow.

walking delegate

The crane slowly turned on its bearings to the desired position. Barry, the "pusher" under foreman , waved his outstretched hand. The signalman, whose eyes had been alert for this movement, pulled a rope; a bell rang in the ears of an engineer, twenty-one floors below. The big boom slowly came down to a horizontal position, its outer end twenty feet clear of the building's edge. Another signal, and the heavy iron pulley began to descend to the street. After the pulley had started to slide down its rope there was little for the men to do till it had climbed back up the rope with its burden of steel.

Pete — who was usually addressed as "Pig Iron," perhaps for the reason that he claimed to be from Pittsburg — settled back at his ease among the gang, his back against a pile of columns, his legs stretched out. I ain't goin' to do nothin' but wear kid gloves, an' lean out the windows an' spit on you roughnecks as you go by.

An' my boodwar is goin' to have about seventeen push-buttons in it. Whenever I want anything I'll just push a button, an' up'll hot-foot a nigger with it in a suit o' clothes that's nothin' but shirt front. Then I'll kick the nigger, an' push another button. That's life, boys. An' I'll have plush chairs, carpets a foot thick, an iv'ry bath-tub — ". Our aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and non-fiction literature that has stood the test of time.

The many thousands of books in our Americans by Stuart Sherman is a work of unchecked nationalism. He believes as many Americans He believes as many Americans at the time that the foundation of a national identity was crucial for the growth of America. Although he recognizes some forms of nationalism as Counsel for the Defense.


The creators of this series are The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition The Day's Work. In The Day's Work, Kipling uses a series of short stories to examine labour and In The Day's Work, Kipling uses a series of short stories to examine labour and employment in a variety of different industries, be it shipping, transport or bridge building.

The result is a masterly collection of writings dealing with such

The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate The Walking Delegate
The Walking Delegate

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