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Publisher: ocasocreations. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Developing In Darkness has been a real challenge, however it has been more challenging to show players the potential of the game avoiding to reveal the end of the movie. Story Adventurous travellers in search of riches and treasures discovered a mysterious island with abundance of gems, but without knowledge it was a forbidden land, they were punished and doomed by the guardians of the island for seeing so much greed, no matter there were also innocents ones among them.

However, the gems not only provide wealth, but also provide powers to those who own them. For that reason the favoured doomed travellers took advantage of the weakest ones, and divided themselves into clans.


And so Travel to the mysterious island, find out where the power of the gems comes from, and become the champion supreme. Key Features Single player mode Top down perspective Three fighter classes intricate hallways Challenges Real time combo battle Character customization One balanced level difficulty Puzzles Auto save system Dynamic music Partial controller support A lot more features. Recommended: Requires a bit processor and operating system. All Rights Reserved. See all. View all. Click here to see them.

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Review Type. The goal of the Push Back The Darkness initiative is to push back the darkness of ignorance and hate with the light of knowledge and friendship. This will involve several things:.

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January 29th at 8pm: A light in every window. Across the country, we are asking people to place a light in their windows on January 29th at 8pm local time. This will be a symbol of your commitment to push back the darkness of ignorance and hate in your community.

Girl 2 Xavier Allepuz Boy 1 Joseph Roberts Boy 2 Marc Ferrando Boy 3 Josh Gaeta Edit Storyline There's something in this house Taglines: A house. A past. A secret. Will you dare enter? Genres: Horror. Country: USA Spain.

Is this another kids vs. D&D villain story?

Language: English. Runtime: 88 min min Unrated Version. Color: Color Eastmancolor. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Around 23 minutes into the movie Regina comes down the stairs and sees that her dad has found a secret room under the stairs. Her father comes out holding a picture apparently very interested. Regina asks her father, "What's that? We then see a still frame where just barely, you can see Regina's father still in the space looking at the picture even though he had just stepped out of that area.

Quotes Paul : I don't like the dark here, it keeps eating my pencils. Alternate Versions The following scenes were cut for the US theatrical version: After Maria Lena Olin and Regina Anna Paquin talk at the breakfast table about unpacking, there is extra dialogue in which Regina admits she hasn't decided if she is staying or not. Interestingly, Dimension cut all references to the family have these kind of domestic issues with the daughter.

Following the first scene at the swimming pool, there is a brief scene where Regina is visited by her boyfriend Carlos 'Fele Martinez' in the girls' locker room. They talk briefly about him coming over and she chastises him for sneaking into the locker room.

A girl walks by in the background in a towel and no nudity is in the scene. The US version edits a section of dialogue where the mom says, "If you don't like it here than you can just get your things together and go.

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She tells him about the argument while he develops photographs. Following her father's row with the electrician, there is an extra scene where Regina returns to her room where Carlos is painting. He surprises her by taking a photograph during the flash the ghost children are seen; it figures in later. She says to him, "I'm staying. She reiterates that he shouldn't ask her what is going on.

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  • During Mark's second attack when he begins cutting the potatoes franticly with the knife, there are a series of flashes back to his past. After he cuts his hand, there are several close ups of the bloody hand and blood dripping onto the floor. Two extra scenes appear back to back. One has Regina and Carlos in front of a computer looking up information and discovering "Ouroboros" and a website outlining some of the ritual. The other has the architect discovering the original letter with the design plans of the house while he is digging through papers.

    The US version cuts straight to Carlos and Regina in the library. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history.

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