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Be Strong delivers a programme of physical activity to remedy health issues in order to build trust and confidence in the mentor.

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The project will allow participants to develop their physical training at their own pace. They will be closely mentored and encouraged through this difficult period of transition to become strong in mind and spirit.

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Be Strong Project now has another employability skills program. The beneficiaries of this program have successfully graduated through our rehabilitation program and have been victorious in abstaining from the use of drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs for a prolonged period of time.

Student Rep Program

See more here. You provide a great service and good value for money to the people of Bolton and in turn you help and give others the opportunity to return back to the community in a safe and organized manner.

Unique provide the kind of garden services Bolton residents have come to rely on and trust for reliability and quality work. Skip to content.

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Help Yourself, Help Your Community. Darren Armstrong.

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This is the most effective weight loss challenge you could ever undertake. The new routines you develop, along with the knowledge you gain, will last a lifetime! Start it now! Online memberships are also available. Would you like to increase staff retention, improve mood, general health, performance and productivity? Concerned about costs and effectiveness of traditional well-being programmes? We can help. Skip to content. Login Lost password.

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Be Strong Be Strong
Be Strong Be Strong
Be Strong Be Strong
Be Strong Be Strong
Be Strong Be Strong
Be Strong Be Strong
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