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So clever! Later on we had a GPS collar on him sometimes and he covered an astonishing distance on his night time adventures! We loved his naughtiness and placidness at the same time. I tell no lie when I say he would never hiss or be nasty no matter what you did to him. Just an angel. This didn't phase Smudge at all he just got on with doing his thing. No need to worry now though, that day was at least 14 or 15 years away.

After all, Smokey was nearly 20 when his health failed and we had to let him go On the 28th of August , a day that will forever remain etched in my memory, everything changed. I work offshore on oil rigs and at half past midnight on the 29th my wife sent a whatsapp message that Smudge had been out since I knew straight away it was bad - he always did 4 hour stints maximum. After a sleepless night hoping for the message to come saying he was home - it never came. I made arrangements to head home that morning as I was in no fit state to be working.

Meanwhile my wife, family and friends searched for Smudge, hoping against hope that he had just got locked in someone's garage and would soon appear. Not a mark on him, but obviously run over by a driver who didn't stop. So followed the worst day of my life, travelling home in a state of shock and grief I cannot describe. I finally arrived home on the morning of the 30th and my wife and I spent the day lying beside and clinging to Smudge's lifeless but beautiful body before burying him in the garden that evening.

What followed and has still not abated as I write at the end of October was sorrow beyond description. He must have crossed that road without incident thousands of times in the 3 years and a month we were lucky enough to have him, but whatever happened that night, his luck ran out and as the driver didn't stop, we will never know exactly what happened. I torture myself trying to work out exactly what might have happened, feel grief and guilt that I was away from home for the last 2 weeks of his life. Every time we look at the hundreds of photos we have of him it just breaks our hearts and we cry.

This has just utterly crushed us. I cannot put it into words how much we miss him.

We have to just try to adjust and be strong for our other adorable cats as I cannot see at the moment how one 'gets over' this. I'm self employed and couldn't face work for nearly 2 months after Smudge's passing. Now back at work offshore for the first time since, Smudge still dominates my every thought. When busy it goes away for a while sometimes, but then hits like a knife in the heart.

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It is helpful to talk about this on here as so few people understand how you can feel this way about a pet - they just don't get it. We were so lucky to have our darling boy for the time we did, albeit so very short. And we will miss his affection and cuddles forever. Rest in peace beautiful Smudge until we meet again xx. I loved him so, so much. He was so in tune with my emotions and was there every time I needed him. He would always sleep above my head at night, because my head would get cold, and his purring would always put me to sleep.

And in the morning he would patiently wait by the door to be let outside to do his business. He would play when he wanted, not when you did. And oh, he was a huge kitty! Being a Maine Coone Mix, he was a very big boy, but he so gentle. The would play with the dogs and never was rough with them, never clawed or bit too hard. Was sweet with kids, he let them tug on his ears and tail and took t like a champ.

Have I mentioned how intelligent he was? His green eyes would truly penetrate your soul, stare right into you. I loved him more than anything in this lifetime, except my boyfriend. He was my best friend. On the day he died, it was like any other normal morning. We went to the door to let him back inside. As we looked out the door, there was a dog.. Jude was sitting on the curb, and when the dog took notice of my sweet boy, he attacked him. Once we ran the dog off, we rushed him to our vet, but we knew He was only 3 years old.

We miss him so much. Seba came to me in the spring of through a colleague from work. She had a friend who had adopted him from a shelter only to find out someone in their family was very allergic to cats. I had finally gotten my landlord to agree to a second pet when I saw the notice about this adorable kitten needing a new home. I named him Sebastian but called him Seba and we quickly became close. He also became friends with the dog I had at the time and they would lay cuddled on the couch together, but it was not long before it was just Seba and I, at least for a while.

The word that best describes Seba is irrepressible. He was sure everybody loved him, rightly so, with one exception. When a friend and I decided to share a house we discovered, much to our dismay, that her cat, 10 years older than Seba, did not find him irresistible; in fact, she found him to be an annoyance. However, the two cats watched for each other from their respective sides of the gate system we concocted and she has been looking for him these past several days.

Anything could be a toy, as evidenced by the various and sundry things from my wastebaskets that I found strewn around the house. One of his favorite spots to play in was a box with packing paper. He would rustle around in it until he got it as he wanted it. But most of the time he was in the window or on a cat bed on my desk as I worked on my computer. At least that would be where he went after trying to get me to hold him or let him sit on my lap. If I was reading or watching TV he was right there on my lap and every night he spent the entire night closely cuddled behind my knees.

I was totally unprepared for the news that he had an enlarged heart, had thrown a blood clot, that his back legs were paralyzed, and he was in a lot of pain. As he rested in an oxygen tent to help him breathe I struggled with the decision I had to make. Despite my nearly overwhelming pain at the thought of losing him I knew I did not want him to spend the rest of his life in pain and unable to walk.

We were together five years and in that time we were together almost constantly since I mostly work from home. The hole his passing leaves in my life and my heart is huge. Seba, you are missed. I like to think that Chester and the 3 other kittens who were abandoned on the side of the road found me. They were left in a box and crossed a very dangerous dirt road beside our house into the yard.

I heard them meowing and went in search of the sound, I first spotted Milo who is Chester's littermate and then around the corner appeared Chester. He ran to me before the other kittens and unlike them how they wanted food, he could have cared less. Mabel was timid, sometimes grumpy, but always the funniest little lady. She didn't like being fussed over but would purr like a hummingbird just to have you near and Leo was a social butterfly with a huge appetite for cuddles.

Eventually the three of us ended up in rural France, where Leo could run free with some friendly chickens in an enormous garden full of wild flowers, while Mabel reclined in royal state on the sofa. Leo blossomed as an adventurer and skilled mouser and once even chased a fox away from the hens, so brave was he. But then one terrible day Mabel disappeared hours before I returned from a trip to London to prepare my father's flat for sale now that he'd been moved to a care home.

It seems my cat sitters hadn't been able to read Mabel's moods and perhaps she got fed up and left. She was 12 and a bit arthritic by then - maybe she'd had her fill?? Day after day, week after week, I searched for her by every possible means, but never found a trace. The pain of her loss, of failing to find her, and having to accept that I'd never know what became of her, was unimaginable. I shall never forget her gorgeously eccentric, funny self. Leo had loved Mabel too but was now unashamedly happy to have all my attention. He stayed by my side during the years that followed, during which we returned to the UK - my birthplace - to a little country town.

Our life was filled with cuddles and nights curled up together. He had a sublime way of gazing deep into my eyes and I never tired of telling him how much I loved him. Always a very healthy cat, I suppose I thought he could magically go on forever. But then, 12 days ago, just shy of 17 years old, he suddenly had trouble walking. The vet thought it was arthritis and we scheduled an acupuncture session with another vet 3 days later. Setting him up in a safe, quiet room I gave him as much help and comfort as I could, but by the second day his left legs had become unresponsive and he grew more and more despondent Alas, when the vet saw him next day she firmly determined it wasn't arthritis after all but a fast growing brain tumor and said the only kind choice was to let him go without more pain.

He'd had a long, pain free life and I couldn't let him suffer now, so I held his little head and looked into his eyes one more time as he took his sweet leave. Still reeling from the shock and missing him beyond words, I can only hope he knew how much he was adored. Every night I sit at his garden memorial resting place and light a candle to help him on his way.

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Thank you Mabel and Leo for having allowed me to care for you and share your lives. It was a great, great privilege. Milo came into our lives at the age of six from a local shelter. I did not know very much about cats, but this was one very forlorn looking cat, so I took him home. He made quite a racket all the way back to my place. He hid under the guest room bed for days, but my friend, not one known for appreciating animals, went regularly into the room and talked to him.

I did not know it at the time, but my friend was to be his owner. The bond that was forming between this man and this cat was beautiful and unusual. My daughter, who is allergic to cats, came home for the holidays and Milo went to stay with my friend. Milo stepped out of the crate and looked around and knew he was home. I took him back after my daughter's visit, but he was not pleased. It was clear that Milo had chosen his owner, and it wasn't me. How do you describe a bond between a human and an animal?

It goes beyond the ordinary. You learn to communicate through sound, touch and feeling.

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He thought animals were a waste of resources, when there was so much human suffering. Milo taught him a thing or two and much more. He would step into his harness and lead his friend in a random walk around the yard. The cat called the shots where that activity was concerned and in most other ways as well. Last Tuesday, Milo was very ill and we took him to the vet for the last time. Cradled in his friend's loving arms, Milo went gently into the long good night. My friend is in pain, but I am so thankful that Milo was able to teach him a thing or two about the importance of animals.

Milo brought us laughter and love and something profound beyond that and we miss him. Dude came into our lives as a kitten 3 months old in November He was the result of a female farm cat and a feral male. He was a tiny Ginger fluff ball, scared of everything, we brought him home, he was riddled with fleas, we thought his nose was black but after a visit to the vet to be checked out, inoculated and de-flead, that black nose turned out to be pink, it was dirt! Dude got braver and turned into the most beautiful boy, clever, dog like, playful, loving cat and he was a massive part of our family of 3 and a playmate for our son aged 6 at the time when we got Dude.

Losing him aged only 3 and half has been devastating, heartbreaking and my chest aches from the pain of losing him. I work from home, Dude spent his days with me, on my desk, jumping into my warm chair if I got up to make a drink. Our son is 10 now and has been hit really hard.

The only consolation we have is that for at least 3 years of his life he was happy, cared for and loved hugely, but I would give anything to have him back in my life. I adopted Stella back in , when she was already 8 years old. She had been at the shelter for almost two years and nobody wanted her - the staff told me most people thought she was "too old" and that everyone wanted kittens. I took her home and let her live with me, and she became my steadfast companion.

She never clawed the furniture, never made messes or acted out, and always had a sweet and gentle disposition. When my father died, Stella and I were living alone and I was grieving heavily, having no other family nearby to be with. Stella sensed this and wouldn't let me out of her sight, seeking me out around the house and sleeping right next to me all night. She checked on me constantly and gave me support I didn't get from any of my co-workers or other friends.

When I got married several years later, Stella took an immediate shine to my wife and the two got along like they had always known each other.

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We had many happy holidays together and even took her with us on vacation several times when we couldn't locate a pet sitter. Stella loved our mountain cabin vacation the best! Stella lived to be 21, very old for a cat, and was very happy and active up until the very end. Time and time again over the years - that of providing me and my wife comfort when we were hurting for any reason.

Stella always knew when either one of us we was in any sort of pain, and in every case she came and stayed right with us until we felt better. She is gone now but will be remembered forever in our hearts! I only had Matilda for a very short period of time. Matilda came to my home scared, lonely and sick due to and infection caused by a severely bruised leg.

I took her to a vet next morning, got some meds and she was quickly recovering turning into the most amazing little furry storm. I kept her separated from the other cats to allow all of them to get used to the new child in the house. Matilda needed to be tested and her shots started , but when she was safe to be out with her new siblings her pea size did not stopped her from trying to gain over her new family. Well, she did, the set of noisy bells went all over, up down in and out to only stop at the water bowl, snatch the snacks in the slow eaters food dishes and a quick nap on her favorite soft and plushy blanket.

She was getting healthier and her personality was being defined as a little girl with a big will and a lioness attitude. Being at 3. Turned out to be my greatest regret ,she was so playful that morning she was so happy and specially frisky. I felt a strange doubt and yet I still took her in. When I dropped her off I took a last look at her and her little face was fear and confusion. The look in those little eyes that I so much adored are seared in my mind. The vet called and as soon as she said who she was my heart sunk and begged her not to tell me Matilda was not ok.

My worst nightmare became my reality right there at that moment my heart was to never be the same again. I feel my lack of judgment and not listening to those little eyes cost my Little Matilda her life. It took only 60 days for Matilda to fill my whole home with her spunky and adventurous little self and leave emptiness and desolation. My little ginger fluffy storm. In the beginning of May, my wife and I bought our first house. It was beautiful and quirky; perfect for us and our four cats.

It was heaven. The house began to feel a bit empty, so we began looking for older shelter cats to invite into our family. The first was Genji, who is alive and well. The second, only brought home days later, was Mercy. At the shelter, she was incredibly standoffish, but I just knew that with the right family and plenty of love that she would blossom into a sweet baby. She outright avoided us for a long time, often "punching" me with her clawless paws when I made an attempt to touch her.

Eventually, she began spending time in the same room and even approaching us to curl up. After only three months, her good health came to an abrupt halt. We came home from a three day vacation to find her wasting away in a closet that she usually avoided. No amount of medicine or doctor bills would save her, and her kidneys and liver eventually gave out completely. I'll miss her little growls, her warbling when she wanted attention, even her punches when she decided that enough was enough.

Mercy was a sweet cat that I was told would never open up and would never accept a new family. She surprised me with her quickness and willingness to change. She loved showers, laying on the tile floor, and sitting in the window sill. We'll miss you, Mercy. You'll always be our little mermaid. AKA, my little man, mini panther, beautiful boy, cuddle puddle, snuggle bubble, bubble butt, Montgomery pie. We met each other when he was just 6 weeks old. I picked up this little black kitten with one hand and he looked up at me and with so much trust, then he just slow blinked at me and fell asleep right there in the palm of my right hand.

Since then we always enjoyed looking into each others eyes, something that is hard to do between humans because we seem to find it more instinctively threatening than animals do. Some times when I cradled him in my arms, He would hold his paw against my to face to prevent me from attacking him with kisses. He grew into a big boy, and one morning his brought a bush turkey into my bed. My boyfriend at the time was angry with him, but I was kind of impressed. He was like a wild panther. It upset me when he brought home a baby bird that he must have stolen from a nest, so I bought him a hi-visibility collar to alert the birds of his presence before he could catch them.

It seemed to work and I think he liked wearing it too. He became a little famous for it because it made him look like a jester. There are so many memories of Monty I treasure. Listening to his cute little heartbeat with a stethoscope. Lifting him up to the bamboo branches so he could chew on the leaves. The way he meow-ed at me with an upward inflection, like he was always asking questions.

Sitting on the front porch with him while he cautiously and curiously watched the traffic. And how he would sit behind me in the bathroom and watch my reflection in the mirror as I put my make up on.

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The way he slept between my feet every night. He looked like a jester but he also had deep soulful eyes and a very strong presence. He made friends with everyone who walked through the door. I learned from him how great it is to just be yourself and love people and let them love you back. He showed me how easy it is to let go of your troubles and be content within, and to love looking out the window everyday. He taught me about what really matters and after he passed I realized I was not living my life the way I wanted.

I try to honor his legacy today by living like he did; looking out the window, not getting caught up in the small stuff that used to bug me so much. Monty was 7 years and 7 months when he passed. I thought he had the flu the past couple days. I took him to the vet and she said he had kidney failure and that it was best to euthanize him. It was such a shock and an agonizing moment for me to make that choice. I try to think of all the good times we had to counteract that sad night. You are my best friend Monty. I love you so much, and my life will always be richer for the friendship you gave me, and for everything you taught me.

Almost two months ago, I lost my best friend, Honey. She was an adorable orange tabby cat who fell into my lap just over 20 years ago. One of my friends could not keep his young cat probably only a year named Fiend and asked if I would take her. I agreed but only if I could change her name; she was just too sweet for her given name. I took her in and changed her name to Honey. We found out she was pregnant and our first adventure together was to help her birth two breech kittens who died.

It was very sad, but it formed some sort of bond between Honey and I. She has been my constant companion since. We have moved many times her favorite thing was exploring a new home from stem to stern , she was lost for 5 days and made it back to me in one piece, she had a severe inner-ear infection and ended up deaf, she was a true redhead and added freckles every time she laid in her favorite sun spots, and she has been there through 20 years of joy and heartbreak in my life, as well.

I have always loved coming home to this sweet girl who slept every night in the crook of my arm or above my head on the pillow. Everyone who met her loved her. She seemed to know who needed her. My ex-husband fell in love with her and was very sad when we got divorced; I believe she was the one thing that kept us friends. He would be my caregiver for her when I went on a vacation or long weekend away. However, she always missed me when I was gone and gave me a good tongue-lashing of mecks this is what I called her meows because that was what it sounded like and some cold-shoulder when I returned which quickly turned into ankle-rubbing and head-butting.

About a year and a half ago, the vet told me that she had CRF kidney failure and I had to keep a watchful eye. It progressed in 6 months to where I had to give her sub-q fluids to help her stay hydrated. She progressively got worse but always bounced back until the day she died. One day upon returning home, she had deteriorated and the look in her eyes was telling. She had always made eye-contact with me and her expression on that day was one of worry. I had to make a decision to euthanize her. She died in my arms on the way to the vet. I will never forget the sunny mid-September morning I noticed three tiny kittens huddling under a church van near my home.

They were so small and needed to be rescued so badly. They were so scared and retreated into the fenders and engine of the van at the first sight of me. One stood out as particularly bold, hissing a harsh warning to me to move on. I quickly scooped the little kitty up and went home. After around a dozen failed attempts to get the others that day someone was able to finally get them later I settled in with my new kitty and headed to the vet.

He which I would later find out was a she was 8 ounces, very hungry and flea ridden but otherwise perfectly healthy. Over the next few months Clover stole my heart. Maybe it was the ringworm baths I gave her for several weeks or the way she spoke exactly what was on her mind at any given moment. I loved this tiny kitty and was so happy to take care of her.

She loved to jump in the clothes dryer and I always had to be very mindful with that normally routine task for her safety. She was the first female animal I have had in my adult life I have two senior male cats currently and she was my sweet girl. She had the perfect personality. There is no way I could have designed a better cat. I could not wait to watch Clover grow and spend many years with her. At 8 months old, Clover was very smart. She did not go near a running vehicle or any roads whatsoever. She wouldn't even walk halfway to the mailbox with me. She enjoyed climbing trees and had several safe spots she likes to retreat to in our yard.

She was always inside during the nighttime and I felt like she was in a thriving and safe environment. I will never know how or why she ended up so far from home around such a busy roadway. That will bother me for the rest of my time on this earth. She has been gone for two weeks now and I will never forget her. I miss her so much. I have never known a cat like Dot. She was the bossiest, most demanding sweetheart ever.

She purred if she was breathing. I got her to keep my other kitty, Sara-loo, company. It was love at first sight for both of them. I had never seen anything like it. When first introduced, Dot turned on her purring motor and just walked right up to Sara to snuggle. Sara-loo simply let her snuggle up and then started to bathe Dot! It was like they had known each other for years.

Dot loved rides in the wheel barrel, chasing treats tossed down the wood floor like shuffleboard pucks and going for walks in and on her kitty carriage. After Sara-loo passed away at 18 years old, Dot was never the same. She quickly developed arthritis, then asthma, then bouts of idiopathic anemia.

It was her fourth major episode of fighting multiple issues at once that beat her. She was so tired, but yet kept purring until almost the end. As sad as I am to loose her, I know they are finally reunited in each others love. She made it to 16 years old; forty years too early for me. She entered my life on October 30, My then-boyfriend had gone to the shelter to pick out a kitten; I had a late class and when I came home there was this grey and white fuzzball walking across the coffee table.

She was 12 weeks old. I was in love. Early on in one of our many homes together I picked her up at put her on the bathroom sink. The faucet was on and it took her about three seconds to figure out how to drink from the running water, a habit she maintained from then on. I never had to show her where the sink was in a new place, she just found it.

Once a drop of contact lens cleaning solution accidentally landed in her eye as she sat on the sink looking up at me and she never forgot it. Every time I brought that bottle out she would jump down and run off. She charmed everyone she met, including our vet who referred to her as his favorite cat. There was something so special about her, a way of being that you just fell in love with. When I asked my husband what he missed most about her he said her wisdom.

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I can think of no better answer. We went through many changes in our years together — relationships ended and began, houses were bought and sold, jobs were gained and lost, other cats and dogs appeared — but she remained a constant. She was there when nobody else was.

We had a very deep bond. I never betrayed that trust. Despite having her share of health issues — hyperthyroidism cured with radioactive iodine , a chronic abscess that required the amputation of a toe, and kidney disease treated with subcutaneous fluids — she was in remarkably good shape for her age A few weeks after a routine visit to the vet we found her peeing on the bedroom floor.

The vet thought it was an infection so he gave us some heavy duty antibiotics. After a week of treatment it was getting worse — she was in the litter box every few seconds, straining to produce a teaspoon of urine — so back we went. This time he found a growth, a tumor in her bladder that was blocking her urethra. There was nothing we could do. She was my best friend, my partner, my soulmate. Her memory will live with me forever. Goodbye sweet girl. You are dearly missed. Punky's formal name was Pumpkin because he was orange but we called him Punky as a nickname as it just suited him.

I never knew how old he really was as he was a stray in our neighborhood. The vet indicated he was approximately 17 years old. It was almost like he was offering his comfort without even knowing him. He roamed the neighborhood mainly staying on the other side of our street and people left food out for him. Rumor has it though that someone tried to poison him. He got really sick but recovered. He started coming over to our side of the street and sitting on our side step.

When I opened the door every morning he would be there waiting in rain, etc. I could not bear to see him out there. We made him a luxurious home in our new garage with a bed, blankets, toys, good food and our love. I did not bring him in at first because I have another cat about the same age who is hyperthyroid and not very accepting of other cats. Plus Punky loved to be outside. I even had a heater for him in there. I finally brought him in the house although my other cat did not like it, I did not care. I wanted to pamper him and he had such a hard life and was always roaming not belonging to anyone.

Well, he found us by coming to our door step and I am so glad he did. He was the sweetest boy. When his mouth opened no sound came out very often except little gurgling noises. The best lovable personality I have ever seen. I did my best to take care of him. I also noticed his belly was very distended. I took him to the emergency vet and they said by the ultrasound it more than likely liver cancer.

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They drained the fluid and gave him prednisone and he felt better and did good for a few weeks but still was starting to lose a little weight. All his blood work came back good too which gave me hope but his age was against him. I thought maybe he is just having a bad day but it kept up. I did not force him. Later on that evening I went in to check on him in his bed and sat with him for a while he seemed just tired. He did not want anything to do with me. I hurried up got dressed and took him to the vet and called ahead of time.

The vet said the cancer was in his liver and starting to affect all of his system so that is why he did not want to eat. He had no quality of life left and could not even go to the bathroom on his own so she indicated euthanasia was the humane thing for him.

I did not get hysterical as not to upset him but I sobbed and cried as quietly as I could and told him I loved him so much and Thank you for coming in to my life and that it was ok to go. I had him for 5 years which were wonderful times. This week has been so hard for me. Maze Runners. Girl Style Vampire. Maze Race. Bomb Runner. Midnight Cinema. Nom Man. Electric Bar. Nocturnal Letters. Nekra Psaria. Baby Hazel Halloween Night. Dead Reckoning - Halcyon Revelation. Spooky Cake Deco. Boogie Bones. Layer Maze Part 2. The Pyramid Maze. Masha Collecting Butterflies. Spinelli may be shy when first meeting new people, but w She quickly comes around and is so full of love.

Please consider adopting Spinelli into your loving forever home. She is so deserving of the love of a forever family. If you can't adopt her, please share her story and help her find a forever home of her own very soon! The countdown is on to the yard sale! Here's our kijiji ad! Everyone cross their fingers for good weather! Meet Lancelot, a lovely boy who has suffered needlessly because someone dropped him off on a rural property where we have done TNR trap-neuter-return.

One of the threats to colony cats in rural areas is predation. Lancelot suffered a bite wound which you can see in the second photo. It appears to be from a fox. Lancelot is lucky to have survived. Lancelot also ha He also has an inner ear infection causing a head tilt. Finally, the other cats picked on Lancelot. Colonies do not readily accept new members, particularly intact males like Lancelot. Had the property owners not contacted us, Lancelot's suffering would have continued and as an intact male, he would have contributed to the feral cat overpopulation crisis.

Despite his ordeal, Lancelot is perking up and he's friendly. He is resting now in foster care as he heals. He has been neutered. Be brave, Sir Lancelot! It runs until July 7. Volunteers will be set up at PetSmart on Saturday with sample items that supporters can purchase and donate. Please see our wish list below. We are sincerely grateful for the donations we have received thus far! Everything helps, especially at this busy time!

Thank you! Volunteers will be on site to help unload. Please put clothing in bags separate from yard sale items. For the yard sale, we will take anything except large appliances and large furniture. Refundables anything that has a deposit such as pop cans, beer bottles can be dropped off during the yard sale on Saturday, July 6 from to p. Clothing can also be dropped off during the yard sale.

Friends of Carma, we desperately need foster homes! We recently brought in 4 moms with kittens as well as several adults who need a safe place to hang their hat until they find their forever homes! We have one special needs cat recently diagnosed with Asthma and requires medication once a day! We provide all the supplies and cover all the medical costs and you provide the love! Please private message us if you are interested! Nugget is a sweet boy who takes his time making friends. He loves to play with tinfoil balls, feathers on sticks and laser beams.

Nugget can usually be found cuddling with his brother and sister. He would do best in a home without small children. Please consider adopting Nugget into your loving forever home.

Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure
Sillyboy The Cats Chair Adventure

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