Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva

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Vegetarian options are easy to arrange, along with other dietary requirements. As long as your children are comfortable around large numbers of dogs they are more than welcome on this experience. Your local hosts classify children as aged Airport transfers and pre-trip accommodation are not included in the price of this experience. If weather conditions do not allow dog-sledding to take place you will be offered a number of alternative activity options.

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Contact the host. Location View map. It is the northernmost city in the world with a population just over 70, The contrast of modern city with old wooden buildings backed with views of the fjords and the Northern Lights are sure to captivate you. A knowledgeable guide will introduce you to the experienced sled dogs as well as the brand new puppies, and answer all your questions about training sled dogs. Afterwards, head to camp to relax on reindeer hides around a campfire. Hot drinks and a traditional Sami dinner will be provided while you keep an eye out for the magnificent Northern Lights to begin their show.

Learn how to gear up a dog sled, then head out across the tundra either as the passenger in a sled, or as the driver of your own team. Accommodation is in a traditional communal Sami tent. The tent is a peaked wooden structure, nicely heated by a wood-burning stove, with room to sleep people. Sleeping bags and reindeer hides are provided to keep you extra warm. Toilets are in an adjacent building. A private tent that sleeps up to 4 people can be arranged at additional cost.

She stays focused on the trail, pulls hard, and listens well to commands. Anna enjoys interacting with guests and has mastered the art of using her big brown eyes to get belly rubs. Chrissy is a three year old female, mother to all our puppies. It takes her a while to warm up to new people. She has a pretty all-white coat and expressive brown eyes. Petite but strong, Chrissy always pulls hard. Eli is a four year old male with stunning blue and brown eyes.

He has the perfect combination of strength, stamina and intelligence. Glacier is an 9 year old male. His fur is all white and he has beautiful ice blue and brown eyes. As one of our lead dogs, we need him to be smart and strong. Glacier has run and completed the John Beargrease sled dog marathon four times, and the UP four times, along with many shorter races. He retired from racing last year.

Glacier Jr.

Doreen E Wolff (Author of Goodnight Baby Bear)

We call Glacier Jr. Glaish has an immune disorder that makes his skin very sensitive to sunlight. He receives daily treatment to manage it. At a year-and-a-half old, Indigo is very playful. She has striking ice blue eyes and beautiful markings on her coat. Voted: Mr. A remarkable litter of pups that will always be missed. The sole survivor of the S Litter.


Favourite Saying: Life Is Good. Terri was named after a young girl that was on tour with us when she was conceived. We love her sweet natured personality and her endless energy. Favourite Saying: All those that wander are not necessarily lost. Torq is a big goof. Super fun and excitable this guy is guaranteed to make you smile.

He is a very fun loving guy that absolutely loves playing with his brothers and sisters. Tango is definitely the leader of this litter. Her confident, friendly and outgoing nature is hard not to love. She definitely has unparalleled puppy power and hopefully a future as a great leader! Nickname: Houdini. Turbo is a big boy that is sure to impress on the trail. His strength and drive will leave the most seasoned sled dogs wondering if they can keep up. He is a big teddy bear though and absolutely never misses a chance for a cuddle.

Favourite Song: Gonna Fly Now.

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An amazing sled dog with great heart, he sets a strong and steady pace that can always be relied on. About as gentle and precious as they come, she appears alittle calm at first, but when you get her out on the line she is all business. Theme Song: She works hard for her money.

After a wonderful career as a long distance race dog, Tonka was kindly retired to us from Bruce Langmaid. Tonka is a natural fit with our kennel and we are very happy with this cheerful and hard working lead dog.

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DOB: Favourite Thing: getting love from the kids. A new addition to our kennel in Peadar is a little shy with new people, but puts his all into his harness each and every time. He certainly is happiest running down a trail. Derry came to us in from the same kennel as Peadar although he looks like a sibling to the E litter. Kip came to us from the same kennel as Tonka and is fitting in wonderfully. Kip is a huge asset to any team he runs with. He may look pretty chill in this photo, but his attitude quickly changes once the musher gets on the runners.

Favourite Activity: running Blondie is small, but mighty and she never stops!

Heart Pumping Dogsledding Adventures in Pennsylvania

This little girl has energy like no other. Role Model: Energizer Bunny…. This sweet girl has found a new home in Marmora. Sienna is our house pet, personal greeter and sled dog herder. She thinks she is special and enjoys flirting with the male sled dogs and smack talking the female sled dogs…. One of 2 Matriachial retired females, she earned the right and respect to roam freely through the dog yard. Favourite Thing: long afternoon naps in the sun. The other queen of the kennel, Diablo makes sure she always knows what is going on in the kennel and she sleeps where she wants.

A strong, dependable and consistent girl that has proven to be an amazing puppy trainer this season, runs well in team. Not one to show a lot of excitement, but is all business on the line.

An Amazing, Epic Day Dog Sledding in Iceland

Moto: Work hard then relax. Favourite Saying: Man, what smells so good? Now enjoying retirement with his brother Cobra. Hey you! Come over here and pet me. Minnie Me will probably never run as a sled dog as she was born with a cognitive disorder, but she is the happiest, funniest, most carefree dog. If Minnie could talk: She would speak really fast. Captain joins our team from a local kennel that was closing down. He is a friendly and handsome guy that could be a brother to our F litter. He is winning the hearts of everyone he meets.

Goose is the son of Tiva and what a strong boy he is growing up to be. Always happy to see everyone, he is a pleasure to be around. Favourite Movie: Top Gun. Timber is the brother of Tuck and son of Tempo. He has a ton of energy and is rather smitten with Sienna. His striking blue eyes are sure to catch the attention of most camera lenses. Tuck is the brother of Timber and son of Tempo. All this guy wants to do is run and snuggle. Mowat has a calming presence. She is a little timid at first, but once she realizes you just want to pet her uber soft coat, she seems to step in and enjoys it.

Favourite Thing: Personal Space. Teva is a happy gal that always greets you with a wagging tail and smile in her eyes. Favourite Season: Winter of course. Tempo is all business with the desire to drive forward. Favourite Song: Eye of the Tiger. This handsome character is the son of Twitter and is a strong, hardworking fella that comes from a successful racing kennel.

He is fitting in well and is a natural fit with our kennel. Favourite Singer: Meatloaf….

A calm and level headed boy, but man can he pull! He is the son of Professor and they love to run in wheel together. Any person who has the privilege to ride the runners behind these boys will surely have an unforgettable experience. Favourite Thing: Free Run Time. You will not find a stronger dog. This boy is built! His mom is the sweet Twitter. All of these dogs came to us from the same kennel whose musher was retiring.

We are very pleased to have them on board. Favourite Activity: Pulling the dogsled! This guy has the look. Loving, happy and all about the business. He is a friend to all and a great addition to our kennel.

Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva
Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva
Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva
Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva
Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva
Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva Adventures Of A Dogsledding Diva

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