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For example, the report also found that a first-placed service Netflix or otherwise had a penetration of at least percent in all but three of the twenty-two markets surveyed.

This compares to only three of the twenty-two markets where second-place also had a penetration level of percent. In other words, regardless of how dominant one service might be beyond the percent level, that dominance alone is enough to ensure second-place services only gain minimal traction in the same region.

It is in effect, an all-in industry where all services are effectively second place to the dominant service. This suggestion holds some weight when taking account of some of the other findings in the same report, such as the number of streaming video subscriptions held. Kantar found that percent low on its own of those who pay for a streaming service, typically have more than one video subscription.

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However, the number dropped down to only eighteen-percent for those with three subscriptions and then dropped down to seven-percent for those with four or more subsciptions. The suggestion here is if one service is dominant and therefore subscribed to by a large percentage of a market, the ability for any service to be that second-choice subscription is reduced dramatically.

Of course, this may just be a sign of the times today and not necessarily tomorrow as the market does seem to be moving to a subscription model in general, and in many parts of the world. Therefore consumers are more likely to find themselves in the future position where they need to subscribe to more than two or three subscriptions in order to retain a similar level of content. However, the findings, if accurate do also clearly highlight the struggles streaming services are facing and will continue to face in cementing a position within a given market.

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Share This Article:. However, when it came to the second-place spot, things suddenly become far more confusing.

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Best Apps and Games. In Sweden, on the other hand, this might reflect urbanization that started decades earlier than e. In other words, the population change has more likely already happened earlier in the Swedish rural areas and does not show radical statistical shrinking from the past ten years.

Finland still has a higher percentage of sparsely populated rural areas than Sweden and Norway. The general trend of urbanization is shown throughout the Nordic Region. Edition 2 has been published: Correction to Table 9 has been made. A growing municipality may not be all it seems — New grid-level study reveals people flows inside the municipality borders January 23,

It Seems As It May It Seems As It May
It Seems As It May It Seems As It May
It Seems As It May It Seems As It May
It Seems As It May It Seems As It May
It Seems As It May It Seems As It May
It Seems As It May It Seems As It May

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