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Simple Tips for How to Write a Great Christmas Letter This Year

This red and green design is perfect for a traditional Christmas letter, and looks adorable packaged in a red or green envelope! Go with a sweet and simple greeting this season.

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Our 'happy holidays' letter template is perfect for anyone on your holiday list, especially if you're wanting to send holiday cheer without being specific to Christmas! This adorable neighborhood scene is perfect for all of your friends and family who know that there is no place like home. While you might not be able to carry a tune, this Christmas letter carries carolers right to your friends' and family's doorsteps.

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This simple and festive letter is perfect for holiday greetings of all kinds. There is nothing quite like a holiday roadtrip. And whether you are travelling across the country, across town, or just downstairs, let our Christmas printable station wagon carry your holiday cheer, near or far. Looks like Rudolph is leading the pack! Let these leaping reindeer inspire you to leap into Christmas letter writing action! Bonus points if you coordinate your pen color to match one of the reindeer. What do "happy holidays" look like to your family this year?

This Christmas letter template gives you plenty of space to let your loved ones know. This pup is surely feeling the Christmas spirit.

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Let him and his adorable sweater! This printable doesn't have to just be for your annual Christmas letter. Print it out on nice paper and add a fold; this becomes a Christmas card template. This year, send a blast from Christmas past along with your holiday greetings. These fun vintage ornaments add style and a pop of color to your Christmas wishes. It looks like Santa deemed these kiddos nice this year.

Will your Christmas letter tell the same tale? Some gingerbread folks are having a merrier Christmas than others. This cute Christmas letter template is a great way to let family and friends know how merry your Christmas has been. This Christmas card template will have everyone smiling. Untangle the year's big events on a Christmas letter that shows off one satisfied kitty cat. Holiday cheer is meant to be shared. Take a lesson from these Christmas deer and share holiday wishes with your loved ones. Try using this as a sweet santa letter template. A photo is worth a thousand words Even with five photos of your year, you have plenty of space to share the season's sentiments with your loved ones with this Christmas card template.

The word play up top announces the good news to come further down the page on this Christmas printable. Looks like Santa is coming through the mail slot instead of the chimney this year. In addition to being a jolly Christmas letter template, St. Nick might appreciate seeing his own face: this can be used as a Santa letter template, too! A simple design gives you plenty of space to pass along your family's season's greetings.

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We love the pretty combination of light green holly leaves with a red greeting. Start this year's Christmas letter off with a photo of your family's smiling faces that will surely put your loved ones in a joyful mood.

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Bonus points if you choose the silly version of the family Christmas photo! A Christmas wreath on paper!

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This festive wreath design is the perfect frame for a yearly recap or your joyful wishes. We love the non-traditional look of these adorable trees! What do you wish for your friends and family this holiday season? Let them know on this Christmas printable.

Your Christmas wishes are a gift all their own. This design mimicks a wrapped gift, but a lovely family photo serves as the Christmas gift tag. Start off your Christmas letter with the phrases of the season. Was it the best year of your life?

How to Write a Great Christmas Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Tell them briefly what your year was like and use it as a way to encourage your sponsored child for the year ahead. Example 1: This year was very difficult for us, and so we had to trust in God. I pray that as you go through life, that you will always trust and turn to God in prayer. Example 2: This year has been such a great year for our family. We pray that during this next year you and your family are truly blessed. Thank you for writing to your sponsored child this Christmas.

Your message reminds your sponsored child they are loved and cared for—and the cards often become treasured possessions kept for many years.

Writing Christmas Letters To Friends & Family: Ideas & Tips

Learn more. Before the panic sets in over what to say, here are three helpful suggestions on what to include in your Christmas message. But before the panic sets in over how to make this your most meaningful letter yet, here are three helpful suggestions: 1. Selfie Time Attach a selfie of you and your family holding a picture of your sponsored child looking all festive! Tell your sponsored child what you love about Christmas Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, where we reflect on the miraculous birth of our Saviour.

Be real Was this a hard year?



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