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Tips for Meeting People and Making Meaningful Connections

A Place to Meet Friends

You probably had several friends in common. Note those names too. What were your friend's particular interests? The arts? Any personal details you can remember may well be useful, particularly those involving unusual activities or interests. One good way of organizing your search is to think of it as reconnecting a network, beginning with the closest connections first. If you're able to connect with one or more of your friend's family members, your search may end successfully at that point. Similarly, if you're able to find friends in common, one of them will often give you a direct connection or, if not, additional information that will help your search.

Find out where your friends are

Getting in touch with any of your friend's former employers is sometimes useful, although company policies often won't allow disclosure of information beyond name and dates of employment. Schools your friend attended may give helpful information if their policies allow such sharing. If these close connections don't give you the information you need, turn to social media on the internet, which can be helpful in two ways. First, you may find your friend active on one or more of the social media sites, in which case you can reconnect simply by posting a greeting and asking to reconnect.

A True Friend Is Hard to Find

Second, if your friend isn't active on one of these sites, you can try posting an inquiry on the sites yourself. This can be surprisingly effective, because you're now asking literally millions of others to help. Becoming a member of all 15 of these social media groups is beyond the scope of this article, but by design, they're all easy to join.

To create a Facebook account, for instance, go to Facebook. This would be helpful for someone planning a class reunion who has to find more than a couple of people. Different types of searches provide different results.

Can't Find Friends on Steam? Here's How to Add Them

Most reports will try to provide the current address, first and last name, address history, a phone number, aliases and birth date of your subject. The searches available on this people search site are social security number, name and prior address, name and date of birth, or age range, reverse phone number and a deceased person search.

Find A Friend links you to Yahoo People Search, which can pull up any webpages or sites that reference the name you are searching.

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Unfortunately, your results may not be much better than the information you would finding using any free search engine. One good thing about this people finding site is that it offers a No-Hit-No-Fee guarantee. If its investigators cannot locate the person you are trying to find, then you don't pay. However, this company does not guarantee that you will get all the information you need.

Also, because there is no preview of the report, you will never know how much information you will be getting for your money, or even whether you're ordering a report on the right person. Find A Friend doesn't provide previews of your search results and doesn't offer background checks, so its reports are harder to verify than those that are available with competing people search engines.

However, the company has a fair reputation among business-improvement associations. Nevertheless, it is relatively unpopular in its market.

Developing a Close Friendship

We received no response several days after we emailed Find A Friend's customer service department for assistance. There is no phone number to contact the company immediately, and you can't reach help using live chat, as you can with competing services. The site also lacks a FAQs page and help section.

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Find A Friend claims to be the leader in people search since However, service is slow, there is no preliminary search option and the service has some of the highest prices in the industry. As a people search service, this tool has significant room for improvement. Our Verdict This site seems outdated and offers far fewer services than most of its competitors do.

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For This service offers a No-Hit-No-Fee guarantee, so if it cannot locate the person you are looking for, you don't pay. Against Unlike many of the other search sites available, this site does not allow a preview of searches and can't perform background checks. Image 1 of 13 Find a Friend image: Article database.

To Find A Friend To Find A Friend
To Find A Friend To Find A Friend
To Find A Friend To Find A Friend
To Find A Friend To Find A Friend
To Find A Friend To Find A Friend
To Find A Friend To Find A Friend

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