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It's a great package.

Here's The Twible on Amazon. And as a bonus - next week I'll begin posting a series of interviews with a few us who have completed a summary of the Bible on Twitter. Stay tuned Are you posting spam?

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Please type 'no' below [? Every chapter of the Bible in characters or less. Blog latest The Twible book 6 December There aren't many other people who know what it's like to summarise the Bible on Twitter, but Jana Riess is one.

complete The Twible: All the Chapters of the Bible in 140 Characters or Less . . . Now with 68%

Post a comment or use the form below Name Comment Are you posting spam? Email: hscribner deseretnews. Deseret News Church News Subscribe. By Herb Scribner HerbScribner. Author Jana Riess released her new book that takes every chapter and word of the Bible and writes it in the form of a tweet, or characters or less. Social media and religion just bridged another gap between them.

Herb Scribner.

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Add a comment. In that order. Learn where Paul swears in the New Testament, and why Jeremiah could benefit from antidepressants.

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Inside The Twible you'll find: - A tweet for each of the 1, chapters of the Bible - A summary of every book of the Bible in seven words or less - Dozens of informative sidebars print edition only - More than 50 original cartoons - A glossary telling you who's who in the Bible - Unicorns From start to finish, The Twible brings the Bible to wonderful, wicked, weird life.

Now you can read it in an hour, thanks to the subversive, somewhat disturbed, mind of Jana Riess.

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The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible
The Twible The Twible

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