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Challenging adult assumptions about play
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Literature in this field continues to extol the need for child-centred approaches in order to best meet the needs of the child and to facilitate appropriate play experiences. As exemplified by the figure below, some of these cues were manipulated to create formal occurred at a table, with an adult present and no choice in resources and playful occurred on the floor, with an adult nearby and with choice in resources practice conditions. When in the playful, rather than formal practice condition, children showed significant improvements in learning and behaviours which supported learning.

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They also demonstrated an increased sense of wellbeing McInnes et al. Our current research has sought to include the views of children as well as adults using the above approach: the Activity Apperception Procedure Howard, There were only a few similarities in the way adults and children perceived play; for example, the location of play determined how the activity was viewed, if it occurred on the floor it was more likely to be play. There were notable differences in how children and adults perceived play. The biggest difference was the presence of an adult in determining whether or not an activity was perceived as play.

When adults were present, children were less likely to view the activity as play, whilst for adults this was not a factor in their perceptions of play. Another key finding from this study was that teachers explicitly made assumptions that children view play activities in the same way as them. For example, a teacher may feel he or she is offering child-centred play opportunities to children, but the reality is that children do not see it this way.

Simple changes can be made to overcome this, for example locating activities on the floor can enable children to view the activity as play. If we do this we can enable children to feel and be playful.

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Arguably, being playful is more important for learning and development than the play activity as it enables feelings of motivation, enthusiasm and wellbeing Moyles, Howard, J. Early Child Development and Care. Hughes, B. Play Types — Speculations and Possibilities. London: Centre for Playwork Education and Training. McInnes, K.

Behavioural differences exhibited by children when practicing a task under formal and playful conditions.

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Pellegrini, A. Applied Child Study 2nd ed. Piaget, J. Play, Dreams and Imitation in Childhood.

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London: William Heinmann Ltd. Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. London: QCA. Rubin, K. Mussen Ed.

Socialisation, Personality and Social Development 4th ed. IV, pp. Children are very very in tune to what is happening around them and we lose a lot of that intuition as we become adults and life gets in the way. If you are at that stage of your relationship where you cannot communicate properly, then seriously you need to think about not being in that relationship. Because your children's lives will be affected forever'. All the latest research shows that witnessing domestic abuse in childhood affects a child forever.

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Timings where shown are from the start of the programme in hours and minutes. Home Information and Support. Main content. This programme is not currently available on BBC iPlayer. Show more. One in five children in the UK have lived with an adult who is, or has been, a domestic abuser. Show less.


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Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child

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