Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying

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Some are analog, with letters that need to be mounted and replaced. Others have LED screens. Either way, there can be mistakes. And with every book she never let me down, she always brings her A game.

Stay Rich Or Die Trying

I can't wait to see what's next in part 4. Jun 12, Charlene Richardson rated it it was ok. I loved the entire Mafia Princess series but this one just didn't do it for me. It started off slow and picked up some. Overall it was lots of drama, but it seems like the story line is just repeating itself. I will be picking up the final installment just to see how the series ends, but I am very happy that the next book is the final one. In my opinion it should have ended at Mafia Princess 3. Nov 01, Tanesha Walker added it. I enjoy reading about Semaj and Qua.

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I am ready for this series to end and for her and Qua to get back together. I can't wait to read Part 5. Aug 24, Taj'mah Spencer rated it it was amazing. Jan 28, Bridgett rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban. This one is definitelyh a page turrner remind of The Cartel. Apr 29, Shanaya rated it it was amazing. The ending had me wanting to scream it was just getting to the good part.

I can't wait to read part five. That 16 tent meeting is going to be real Semaj isn't playing. Jan 27, Jerome Cason rated it it was amazing. Great book.

Mar 21, Joantress rated it it was amazing. I can't wait for the fifth book. I want to see how this meeting will go. Jan 20, Karen Bourne-Douglas rated it really liked it. The true meaning of divide and conquer. Cant wait to read 5. May 30, Lynette rated it really liked it.

Every Woman needs a Qua in her life!! A real ride or die Dude!! Jul 09, Mariah Mays rated it it was amazing.


Oct 31, Danita Brown rated it really liked it. Wow, what a ride. It was just as good as the other 3. Sep 17, Danelle Mahoney rated it it was amazing. Jan 27, Ebony rated it really liked it. I need to find out what happens in the last book. Mizzladiiredd rated it it was amazing May 11, Janice rated it it was amazing May 14, Deena rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Jenae Thompkins rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Tamm rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Jazz rated it liked it Jun 04, Shinnikka Ford rated it liked it Feb 16, Paulette rated it really liked it Apr 24, Fatima rated it it was amazing Jan 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying
Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying
Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying
Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying
Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying Mafia Princess Part 4 Stay Rich Or Die Trying

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