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Which Jesus!?.. Certainly not the one in my Bible…He came preaching repentance…something you will never hear at these heretical gold diggers gatherings. Amen, Jvd! I just wonder how many of those who are criticizing her have actually heard her speak or read any of her books. It is sad that, as someone else commented, we as Christians get so wrapped up in having our own way that we beat each other down. Satan loves it when that happens! It gets our eyes, minds and hearts off Jesus! Exactly what I was thinking. Our nation, in particular, is in need of women who are strong in the Lord.

I will attest to the fact that when going through a Beth Moore Bible study, I am immersed in scripture- the studies are more about reading and getting into the Word and gleaning as much as possible. How do we understand the scripture? Beth Moore is a tool the Lord is using to speak to the hearts of women. Crosby, etc. End times coming to pass. Church fighting against church. Who is right and who is wrong. I take what all preachers say and test it against Gods word.

Try it and stop the nonsense you who are so righteous. For this reason her ministry is focused on teaching women. Further, she has declined offers to become a pastor which certainly backs this conviction. Strikes me as an interesting double-standard. Allegorical interpretation is NOT the same thing as drawing comparisons to scripture i. This is not what Beth Moore is doing in her studies. Does she seek to draw out practical examples from scripture?

I saw no cited examples in this article. Just broad-stroke assertions. The points on the charismatic movement, I believe, are the real crux of the argument. So to align with a charismatic in any way amounts to heresy for many. He obviously has something against Beth Moore. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but why do only the worse people get to print theirs. Stop worshipping a book of rules and using it falsely to divide, condem and separate for your own agenda or ignorance. Use the mind God has given you, dare to apply some common sense in place of recycled robotic drivel and twisting scripture to keep the boys rule club going, amen brothers?

He was humility and grace and kindess when there was only contempt and scorn. Jesus reached out, He ministered through acts of lifting up others and empowering. He went in among them and lived, He spoke to their hearts, He led with kindness and love and this — this is what made a world sick of the rigid tyranny and zealots, Pharisees abusing the church, follow Him instead. Of course the Bible is the word of God every bit as relevant today but you waste time and drive souls away moaning and condemning females spreading His salvation and joy!

You identify yourselves as the false prophets while you piously believe you are zealously following every verse. Grace is your concern now.

Follow Christ, not recipes or lists or laws given to those who had no other way to God. If you are not using the Bible FAR more to welcome and spread joy, I urge you to be honest with yourself at least about why.

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Beyond the usual excuses and sanctimonious repeated blather. Thank you!! Strongly agree! This author sounds like one of many in church leadership who has a low view of women. Good grief. People like this writer do enough of that from within the church. Followers of Christ are known by their fruit.

Excellent Brandon, my thoughts exactly. The Lord gifted me at a very early age as a musician, leader, speaker. Since I was 9 I knew God called me to serve Him through the local church. I was a child prodigy concerning my musical abilities. My point is when God calls us by name, then equips us with knowledge, skill, a love for scripture and for other people,how can I not serve Him? Why did he call me and give me everything I need to excel if only to limit my reach to one gender only?

I believe in submission to my husband, to my pastor,and most importantly to God. His grace, mercy,and love are not differentiated by our gender. HE cares about the condition of our soul,not whether we are male or female. Jesus is all about love and Freedom in Him. Paul talked about how submission goes both ways, not just for women. We need to submit ourselves to the Lord first, then live in freedom in Christ. While I agree that Beth Moore is a false teacher, I do have to chuckle when a baptist pastor suggests her hermeneutics are faulty when most baptists ignore or downplay the necessity of baptism.

I love her heart and passion for women. Thank you for this! I am reminded that God tells us that these teaching women and false teachers like them have platforms because their hearers desire what they preach and also what they promote…. Southern Baptist women love and justify Beth Moore because most of their churches are indirectly ran by women and their pastors usually act like feminized game show host. Not sure I see your point here. Now in saying that, bigger cities in the south have churches that I do not agree with their type of structure.

Some interpret this passage to mean women should never teach in the assembled church; however, commentators point out that Paul did not forbid women from ever teaching. In addition, Paul frequently mentioned other women who held positions of responsibility in the church. Paul was very likely prohibiting the Ephesian women, not all women, from teaching. Paul was telling Timothy not to put anyone in this case, women into a position of leadership who was not yet mature in the faith. Finally, Angela has the correct answer to the issue!

As a minister, I know I have been called by God. He had women involved in ministry in NT times. In the last days God will use your sons and daughters to prophecy. I listen to the teacher, without judgment on the person. I go to church to experience a closeness to God no matter who is preaching.

If a person male or female is annointed by God, who are you to judge Gods choice in ministers. And Beth Moore is annointed by God and she reaches a lot of soles for Christ. And in the end this is all that matters, winning souls for God,. My goodness, this is disturbing. All they accomplished was turning people away from the church and ultimately away from God.

How very sad. I was only 12 years old when they set their sights on me. I was an innocent child, but they wrongly assumed otherwise. They hurt me… But thankfully, because of my relationship with God, I did not allow them to destroy me with their vicious hearts. My point is… Just stop. Stop judging one another. Beth Moore is a strong, courageous woman who has transformed thousands of lives through her ministry. How many lives have been saved because of the life she lives? How many marriages have been saved? Please stop disassociating Matthew from the rest of the paragraph. Matthew goes together and it Does NOT tell us not to judge.

It says to take the log out of our own eye first so you can see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye. Also, pay attention to who he is talking to. Sandra Kay: First off you need to relax and quit being a racist of men OK? Just because we post a response to this. Does not mean we are against women of any sort OK? And nobody is judging one another. Only trying their best to help one another.

And there is a verse for that as well. First off if you read the verse on 1st Timothy2 you will see where God forbids any women to become a pastor of any sort. Then it is wrong. Plain and simple. And it stipulates that right in the bible. As the verse I gave you stipulates that exactly. And this woman Beth Moore indicating that Catholic ways are correct.

That is not true. As the Catholic Priests call themselves Father. Please read Malachi And another thing. They allow homosexuals as members. And have Homosexuals as priests. So please read this verse. Leviticus and Leviticus So as you see her ways are not valid and truthful. I am a Christian. And I do bible study etc in the church. And do other things. So I am familiar with Gods words. But But reading the bible and understanding it meanings.

Make a whole lot in things for us to understand about God and his ways. While we are not to judge those who do not hold themselves out to be Christians we are to judge what is put out there by those who claim to be. Thank you, Sandra. You had so many good points. I will stand up for Beth Moore, because I have heard her and really feel that she has a special calling to speak to women, and she has said that her ministry IS for woman. Her passion is to reach women for many different reasons.

I wonder if sometimes some pastors are a little jealous of her??? God and the Bible are very clear on the subject of women being teachers or priests of the Word. It has always been forbidden, without a single exception since the time of creation. Paul may be getting the rap for saying it in his epistles, but every other Apostle and every other Prophet, Priest or King would have all said exactly the same.

Jesus would have said exactly the same. The point is that no-one had to ever bring the topic up because it was never a consideration, it was never ever an option, therefore it need not ever be discussed. Obviously Paul had come across another heresy which was being unleashed on the early church, women preachers, and had to set the matter straight. That nothing in this regard had changed with the New Covenant, the same rules applied as from the foundation of the earth.

The only religions which have ever allowed Priestesses, are those derived from Babylonian pagan worship.

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You know… Baal, Molech, Ashteroth et al. End of story. I do not need to know names or critisize anyone personally. I will not suffer a woman to preach, either to men or women or children, as I am so commanded. Adam — how do you explain Deborah of the old testament? She was a judge and prophetess over men. Beth Moore has most likely led more people to Jesus than whatever man it is you hold in highest regard.

Dude, in love, reevaluate yourself. My biblical discernment is telling me to pray for you and others like you and to pray that anyone reading or listening to your words will be discerning enough to tune out the irrelevant, hurtful noise and see it for what it is. And what it is is pharisaical, insecure noise. Josh, perhaps I am misunderstanding your first point. Kay Arthur has written and published and teaches Bible studies…I assume are used by men and women alike. Are you saying that she is in error as well? Indeed, any woman that does this?

Thank you. Then what about women missionaries? Are we as women prohibited from carrying out the great commission…because we do need to use the scriptures to do so…. I agree with the main thrust of this article. What is the lesson to be learned from David and Goliath? These are the lessons I see: God is powerful. God is in control. God saves. Have faith in God. This story reveals the character and power of God. True faith comes from witnessing God in his glory. What an ungracious aricle. This article is an undeserved witch hunt against Beth Moore.

I could not agree more with what you stated. Throw everything else aside, extra biblical revelation is a big deal and should be a huge warning beacon to every Christian. Sometimes you have to spit out the bones but you can still enjoy the meat. And you could take any teacher and find something to pull out of context or disagree with.

1. Relying on an automatic return to church

We ought to be discerning. Rick, I must respectfully disagree. Surely you uphold the same biblical standards in that category, am I right? Yes we all should be concerned doing Lords will and also we bare of being deceived ourselves. Yes we all should be concerned doing Lords will and also we bare of being deceived ourselves I rather be praying for those who love the Lord and His name…. Scary to see that supposed Christian men are as oppressive to women as Muslims.

What he has said her is not oppressive in the least towards women. Just because God has not allowed women to preach or teach me does not mean that God cannot use women. The prohibition of women leading men is an honor, not an oppression. Men are to lead women and as such are held accountable for the actions of their families and those they lead. As a women, I am not held to such a high responsibility. Kristy — what about Deborah?

Judge and Prophetess over men. Kristy: I wanted to thank you for your most correct answer on here. As you hit the nail on the head. You was very accurate in the words you stated. It is sad to me that women have abdicated their identity to men who misinterpret the bible. You say that God has not allowed women to preach or teach? Where do you get such laws? Or is freedom only for men? Do you know what those people were doing in those days? Women are ordered in 3 books of the NT to be silent, keep their heads covered and not permitted to teach. Are you keeping silent in your church?

Do you keep your head covered along with keeping your place to never teach? Taking one part of a scripture absolutely and disregarding the back half of the same passage apparently as contextual is indefensible. If you believe the first part of that verse, you better be quiet. And this mandate is repeated in 1 Cor In addition, there are strict orders for women to keep their heads covered as well.

Do you do that? I suggest you look at women leaders in he bible. The reason Deborah is repeatedly mentioned is because she led the nation of Israel. Is it reasonable to you to believe that God allowed her to lead a nation and be a prophetess to millions and not allow her to teach men in church of 25 people? Is it reasonable that women walking with God for 60 years cannot teach a 19 year male baby christian? Is it reasonable for Paul to put a Phoebe in charge in Rome Rom while he was in prison? Is it reasonable for Junia, a women, is mentioned among the apostles Rom ? If all these things are forbidden under your mandate that women are not allowed to speak or teach, why the inconsistencies above?

However, if the interpretation is wrong, then the inconsistencies suddenly make sense. That is wrong and any woman that agrees with it has caused her to missed her God-given destiny. I remain confused. Right after the warning about Beth Moore there is a quote from Sam Storms who has had visions and dreams. So which is it? Josh, thank you so much for this article. I konw it is disheartening to read comments criticizing your work.

What you said is right and is much needed by more pastors and leaders today. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth. I just found out about Anne Dutton, the Puritan, this morning. Her writings are beautiful and so encouraging. I found this quote especially encouraging and hope you find it helpful as well. Does she interject her own thoughts and interpretations every now and then? She does indeed but, always indicates when this is done. I would be awesome hear them at a conference together.

I remember being in seminary at Southern and took Dr. At times, it seems the SBC is like middle school for grown up church attenders, honestly. I seriously doubt he believed the article would garner as much attention as it has. Sadly, when I finished it, wish it had been. Whether one likes it or not, tact matters when calling someone out. Most self-identified discernmentites I encounter come across like they are part of an elite society with discernment insights very few other believers have … and yet often claim to be cessationists at the same time.

Lottie Moon was not married, yet she was a missionary to China for decades. Beth Moore has a gift from the Holy Spirit and she is using it. I have done several of her Bible studies and I learned a great deal. For goodness sakes, let those who have the gift to teach, teach! And stop your judging. Moore is the darling of Lifeway. Lifeway is Baptist I say this loosely therefore, her teaching must be correct. Half truths are dangerous. In the end, allegories will kill you. I have told the people in the congregation they must be careful what they purchase at Lifeway. That is with any book store.

Lifeway certainly has some excellent materials. I think Ms. Moore began with a desire for truth, but as with all celebrities, the level of entertainment must be elevated yearly. They reason; people change so I have to make my teaching more exciting. But that wont stop her because the amount of money to be made is staggering at least for this poor preacher. It is in our sinful nature to want it all. We like shiny things.

Perhaps she does not think she can return to her first love — the truth. Maybe she thinks she is too far embedded with this teaching and crowd she is associating with. I will not judge her motives because I do not know her heart. We need to pray for Ms. Not bash her. Pray she come back to the truth for the sake of those she teaches. And for hers.

She is a wonderful teacher. Hey Josh, just curious if you had a chance to speak with Beth about this before posting the article. Bruce, thank you for asking. We are not in the same church and we are not in the same circle of friends. Is that fair?? Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor? Beth is careful and outspoken that she submits to the authority of her husband and pastor.

I love you in Christ but if you have not tried to contact her ministry directly you have made the wrong choice here. When I follow a Bible study I concentrate in the scriptures, and the message. Not if the writer is a woman or a man. Hey Marlene and the rest of you….. Let it go.. Thank you for the article. I at times think the truth comes across a bit harsh.

I also sometimes question the validity of a point…. But, I do know by listening to Beth, and checking Scripture that she has been straying quite a bit in the past few years. And, we are to test each teacher of the Word for accuracy. It has nothing to do with the judgement verses, we are told to look to Scripture for accuracy. We are commanded to actually do so, and not to turn a blind eye crying out that all we need to do is love.

I do not claim to know her heart, but I do know she has much wrong teaching which is dangerous. Warm fuzzies do not mean you are growing closer to Christ. Obedience does. God is love. Love is not always the warm and fuzzies but it sometimes is too. Obedience does not mean you are growing closer to Christ. Thank you! There are plenty of women who stand alone in their church communities on these issues who will appreciate the support. When it says for women to be silent in the church it was referring to culture at that time. However, one must test whether it should be a wife or woman by considering the context in which the term is used.

For this reason, 1 Tim 2: would be subjected to scrutiny. Was the Apostle Paul giving a command that women in general could not teach men? If the answer is yes, then would he not be contradicting himself in 1 Corinthians where he instructed women to cover their heads when prophesying? It would be contradictory to allow women to prophesy at one point and another prohibit them from teaching. Far from that. Therefore the references must be considered thoroughly in context. Before we do that, 1 Tim 2: and 1 Corinthians must be analysed carefully.

The question then is whom should she be in subjection to? If it is women in general, then all women should bring themselves under every man regardless of whether he is the husband or not. The point then is was Paul instructing women in general to bring themselves under subjection to all men or he was referring to particular category of people? The answer can be gotten from the reference to Adam and Eve who were couple, a husband and wife respectively which is found in verse To prove this point further, one should consider the translation of 1 Corinthians In that same verse, we see the idea of subjection.

If one goes by the interpretation that women are not supposed to teach, one would make the Apostle contradict himself with 1 Corinthians , since that verse permits women to prophesy, which to a very large extent that prophetic role puts them over and above teaching pastoral role. I enjoyed your very thorough response. Hearing the voice of God. Additionally, no one wants to touch the issues of Beth running around with blatant false teachers such as Meyer, Caine, Osteen who teach another gospel.

Look at the big picture people. The doctrine of revelation is a topic all its own. Some believe all divine revelation is found within the Bible and that no outside revelation from God exists or is demonic. And in the same breath they insist that passages about the subservience of women apply today just as it did for the early church. Let me ask this — do you believe the spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 apply to the church today?

Do you truly believe no one hears the voice of God these days? You cant stop at 1 Corinthians But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. When completeness come, or but when that which is perfect has come KJV which would be Christ, that which is in part shall be done away.

If we see a brother or a sister in fault we are to go them in love. I hope Josh had a discussion with Beth More before taking it to social media. He just spewed and walked away. The author has a tendancy to often write articles such as this;critical without love. Would challenge you to read other articles and his social media responses. Titus 2 is generally used to justify women teaching other women, but it is not referring to teaching scripture. When the church can be unified despite theological differences is when people and nations will be changed.

To see people judge someone who the Lord has used so much to save, encourage, and challenge people in their walk with the Lord is just infuriating. I just want to say, while I agree that this artical is not put in a way that that holds Beth in a favorable light. I had not heard of her until now. The Lord works in mysterious ways ;.

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I will not say that any one earthly opinion is correct, because I choose to leave that judgment to my Savior. He, and He alone knows what is best. It is always a possibility that He wants to get her name known. While I disagree humanly, and emotionally with the method.

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  8. Just Saying.. God Bless to all, and May you see.. Whatever you feel.. Very disconcerting. One world religion!!!!! The arguments are weak and specious and remind me of the Fundamentalists who denounced Billy Graham in the s. To compare Beth Moore to Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen is far fetched and needs to be dismissed along with other conspiracy theories. This is not the gospel of Jesus, it is the gospel of the Pharisees.

    I think much better evidence could be given to substantiate her false teaching. This article will only appeal to you if you are of the same denomination as the author. As far as using Matthew 7, there are 30 things we are supposed to judge in the passage! Can we please stop using this to allow every wind of doctrine to be allowed? You are judging their judging. The contradictions between a medical system that must be governed from outside and a medical system that has earned the public trust have achieved great urgency.

    The US culture is now actively and contentiously restructuring its health care system. Having experienced the early phases of a marketplace-driven health care system and having failed in its first attempt at health care system reform, the nation is attempting to open collective discourse in politics and the media about the value to be placed on health and health care. Only sophisticated narrative powers will lead to the conversations that society needs to have about its medical system.

    Physicians have to find ways to talk simply, honestly, and deeply with patients, families, other health care professionals, and citizens. Together, they must make responsible choices about pain, suffering, justice, and mercy. Not scientific or rational debates, these are grave and daring conversations about meaning, values, and courage. They require sophisticated narrative understanding on all conversationalists' parts of the multiple sources of meaning and the collaborative nature of authority called on to resolve issues of health and illness.

    With the narrative competence necessary for serious and consequential discourse, patients and physicians together can describe and work toward a medical system undivided in effectiveness, compassion, and care. Narrative medicine suggests that many dimensions of medical research, teaching, and practice are imbued with narrative considerations and can be made more effective with narrative competence. Already, a spontaneous interest in narrative medicine has germinated from many centers in the United States and abroad, confirming the usefulness and fit of these frameworks and practices for medicine and other health care professions.

    The hypotheses to be tested are provocative and wide ranging. It may be that the physician equipped with the narrative capacities to recognize the plight of the patient fully and to respond with reflective engagement can achieve more effective treatment than can the physician unequipped to do so. Medical educators may find that applicants already gifted with narrative skills are better able to develop into effective physicians than are students deficient in them.

    Programs have been under way for some time in incorporating narrative work into many aspects of medical education and practice. The teaching of literature in medical schools has become widely accepted as a primary means to teach about the patient's experience and the physician's interior development. Adding to early evidence of the usefulness of narrative practices, rigorous ethnographic and outcomes studies using samples of adequate size and control have been undertaken to ascertain the influences on students, physicians, and patients of narrative practices.

    The description of Ms Lambert at the beginning of this article was written by her physician the author after a recent office visit and shown to her on the subsequent visit. As Ms Lambert read the words, she realized more clearly the anguish she had been enduring. Her sisters had dismissed her concerns, saying she was imagining things about Phillip, and that had added to her own suffering.

    She felt relieved that her physician seemed to understand her pain, and she told the physician what her sisters had said. This essay has outlined the emergence of narrative medicine, a medicine infused with respect for the narrative dimensions of illness and caregiving. Through systematic and rigorous training in such narrative skills as close reading, reflective writing, and authentic discourse with patients, physicians and medical students can improve their care of individual patients, commitment to their own health and fulfillment, care of their colleagues, and continued fidelity to medicine's ideals.

    By bridging the divides that separate the physician from the patient, the self, colleagues, and society, narrative medicine can help physicians offer accurate, engaged, authentic, and effective care of the sick. All Rights Reserved. Download PDF Top of Article Abstract The turn toward narrative knowledge Narrative competence in medicine Patient-physician: empathic engagement Physician-self: reflection in practice Physician- Physician-society: the public trust Research and programmatic implications Conclusion References.

    Illness and Culture in the Postmodern Age. Berkeley: University of California Press; The narrative road to empathy. James D, eds. Narrative medicine: form, function, and ethics. Ann Intern Med. Google Scholar. The need for a new medical model: a challenge for biomedicine. Patient-centered medicine: a professional evolution.

    Stories of Sickness. Toward a narrative-centered curriculum for nurse practitioners.

    What Is The Purpose Of The Book Of Ephesians? A Bible Study

    J Nurs Educ. Narrative Knowing and the Human Sciences. Trusting the tale: the narrativist turn in the human sciences. New Literary History. Research Interviewing: Context and Narrative. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press; Recent Theories of Narrative. Reading for the Plot: Design and Intention in Narrative. New York, NY: Vintage; The Rhetoric of Fiction. Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago Press; Actual Minds, Possible Worlds.

    Narrative versions, narrative theories. In: Mitchell WJT, ed. On Narrative. The Art of the Novel: Critical Prefaces. Miller R, trans. The Art of Telling: Essays on Fiction. The novels of George Eliot. Discussions of George Eliot.

    The Author

    Literature and medicine: origins and destinies. Acad Med. Psychoanalytic Treatment: An Intersubjective Approach. Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press; Society for Health and Human Values. Special issue in humanities and medical education. The nature of suffering and the goals of medicine. N Engl J Med. New York, NY: Routledge; Literature and medicine: narrative ethics. Lit Med. Reconstructing Illness: Studies in Pathography. Letters to a Young Doctor. Pittsburgh, Pa: University of Pittsburgh Press; Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method. Lewin J, trans. San Francisco, Calif: Harper; Writing and healing [special issue].

    London, England: Jessica Kingsley Publishers; Writing and Healing: Toward an Informed Practice. New York, NY: Penguin; Medical interpretation: implications of literary theory of narrative for clinical work. Family Life. The Scholastic Store. Book Clubs. Book Fairs. Encourage Your Budding Author. You Might Also Like. The Learning Toolkit Blog.

    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)
    Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8) Equipped to Heal (Timeless Teaching Book 8)

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