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Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal doctrine which describes evidence obtained indirectly through illicit means and is inadmissible in court.

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Senator Franklin Drilon echoed Lacson's remark, saying the wiretapped information "has no value at all. In law, such 'wiretapped' information is the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' not admissible as evidence," Drilon said.

Wiretapped info on narco list can’t be used as evidence: solons

Earlier, Panelo said there is nothing wrong with receiving wiretapped communications from foreign countries even though wiretapping is illegal under Philippine law. Republic Act , or the Anti-Wiretapping Law, prohibits the tapping of any wire or cable or using other devices to record, intercept, or secretly overhear any private communication or spoken word when it is unauthorized by all parties in the conversation, except when it is done pursuant to a court order.

The list of politicians allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade is set to be made public next week to enable voters to make a "wise choice" in May's mid-term elections. We are vetting it right now. While several senators have opposed the disclosure of the names on the list, Malaya said the public has the right to be informed regarding this matter.

Cohen’s calls were monitored by feds — but not wiretapped

We have a different opinion with the senators," he added. Pretty funny. The way the world works these days is unbelievable. That nobody would believe that anybody could get that high.

Who is William Rick Singer?

One of the counselors questioned [your son] getting in as Water Polo player this week. My folks at [U]SC called me so we could restate [your son] playing in Italy as [his high school] does not have a team. Sloane: The more I think about this, it is outrageous! Oh my God, it would just be-- Yeah. It went great. The only way anything can happen is if she All right. College admissions scam.

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By Tess Owen Mar 12, CW --in case they were to call. CW And-- E.


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Wiretapped Wiretapped
Wiretapped Wiretapped
Wiretapped Wiretapped
Wiretapped Wiretapped
Wiretapped Wiretapped

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