BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)

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Of course, this is really All Just a Dream , but surprisingly, the entire episode is not only entirely in continuity but it actually is important for developing several of the characters. Especially Haruhi's mom, who doesn't appear in person in any other episode. Because she's dead. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann turns bizarre in episode four: The heroes don't seem to have anything better to do than trying to get some food, Kamina almost kills Simon "to make him more manly", there is a lot of lecturing on how to combine as brotherly as possible and the animation suddenly drops in quality.

The only thing relevant to the plot is Kittan and his sisters being introduced, wearing psychedelic costumes while riding cows backwards. The consumption of Boota's tail is instrumental in defeating this episode's enemy mecha, which is piloted by a bunch of pink puffballs that are supposedly beastmen but look nothing like any of the beastmen seen before or since which are generally human-animal hybrids to varying degrees. Supposedly episode 4 was made as a jab at other anime that decrease in overall quality after the first few episodes, but it was still effed up. In this episode Ash and the crew get off a boat on a beach, Brock spots a mysterious girl and falls head-over-heels, but Ash and Misty miss her completely.

Team Rocket gets off the same boat, and James suffers the same situation. They run into a strange old woman, who informs them of this condition, and the next day, both of them are kidnapped by the ghost. When they are found, they have become completely obsessed with the girl, and the old woman from the earlier scene explains that the girl is a spirit who wishes to steal their souls. However, the sun rises and Gastly vanishes. Ash and co. The Gastly was also the old woman, actually working for the sake of ''real'' Maiden, who stood watching at a cliff waiting for her lover to return from a voyage and promises to one day find her lost lover.

And also to make some money on the side, but that's never really adequately explained either. Brock, May, and Max lose Ash in the woods. Ash meets a cloaked woman in the middle of the woods who is singing a little song about Baltoy and treasure. She has an old book, but Ash doesn't pay it or her much attention at the time. Later, he meets a much younger girl who's searching for a treasure with you guessed it her Baltoy. She tells Ash she's searching for a treasure hidden somewhere in the woods, and opens a little book that talks about the treasure.

It has a little song in it, which she starts singing. Ash interrupts and starts singing the rest, recognizing the song is the same one the woman was singing. The girl is surprised since the book only just came out. Ash explains about the woman and they eventually find her battling Team Rocket. They win and she takes them to a cave, where they fall down a hole in the floor, leading to a tunnel. As they reach the end of the tunnel, the woman takes off her cloak's hood, revealing herself to be an older version of the girl.

She then explains that the giant stone tablet thing at the end of the cave is a time machine activated by a Baltoy. Then she goes back to the future. Then the girl leaves and Ash meets back up with his friends. May and Meowth had a Time Travel episode too. Only instead of a Stable Time Loop , they end up changing the course of history so that a guy doesn't die anymore and a town expands into a city. And instead of a time machine they get zapped by a magic locket. Because of love , or something. Anyway, neither May nor Meowth sees fit to tell anyone about the whole futzing about with time.

An episode involving a sadistic Togepi, a rocket, and Rayquaza. It's probably one of the funniest and the second most surreal episode in recent history and needs to be seen to be believed. The episode also marks the first time Pikachu is referred to as male in the Japanese dub. This doesn't stop him from getting shipped with Piplup, especially considering what happened seven episodes later One episode has it all: Ash and James dressed up as eggplants, an old man attempting to sell souvenirs at every chance he can, Nurse May, Dancing Queen Jessie, a crossdressing Meowth and Wobbuffet , Wobbuffet's flute playing skills, and to top it all off Even funnier is that the Claydol actually falls in love with and chases Wobbuffet!

One episode of X and Y has Ash and Pikachu taken through a mirror into a parallel universe with psychedelic colours and everyone's personality is opposite to the normal world. Ash is a timid crybaby, Mirror! Clemont is an athletic wizard, Mirror! Bonnie is prim and proper with no sign of her usual Little Miss Snarker attitude and Mirror!

Team Rocket are servants of Justice. It's revealed that if someone stays past sunset, they can never return to their original world.


Team Rocket also turn up in the mirror world and are shown to not make it back before sunset, but show up in the next episode anyway with no explanation. The whole thing is never mentioned again. Note that these oddities were only present in the Japanese version, with the dubbed versions instead showing Pidgeotto and Cubone respectively. Between the quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the Battle City tournament, they arrive on a submersible military base and have to fight the digitised minds of all previous high ranking officials of KaibaCorp in a mindscrewed reality, at the behest of Seto Kaiba's anime-exclusive Virtual Ghost half-brother, Noah.

The season also introduced the Deck Master to the games, a process that makes no sense whatsoever but what else is new. And to secure it as a total mindfreak, the digital mind of Kaiba's father tries to turn into a giant being of fire and eat their jet as it's leaving.

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Lampshaded when Kaiba says he never wants any of them to mention it again. And Tristan gets turned into a monkey. Lay off the crazy juice, Japanimators. Then there's the " Abandoned Dorm " sub-arc in GX. While "investigated" several times in Seasons 1 and 4, answers about what it actually was were few and far between, and usually resulted in bizarre Shadow Duels that get hardly a mention afterward.

And finally, there's the "Crashtown" arc of 5D's. In the middle of a season-long arc of finding the Three Emperors of Ylliaster, let's intercut a Noah-like arc in the Wild West involving a former villain from Season 2, and put Yusei in a poncho. Needless to say, until the real season started getting hit with Wham after Wham, this was the point in which fans were starting to wonder whether the cast had used their Duel Runners to jump the shark.

Bizarro Episodes in Yu-Gi-Oh! The story had just come off its first true Story Arc , which introduced the first Millennium Item wielder other than Yugi and set up a whole bunch of things that wouldn't pay off for years of real-time. The very next chapter is a lighthearted romp about Tamagotchi-style digital pets, and a bully who has his pets kill all his classmates' pets.

This wouldn't be all that strange were it not for the strongly implied fact that the digital pets are alive, and even that would be only moderately strange were it not for the fact that not a single Shadow Game is played in this chapter; the Shadow Games have been repeatedly demonstrated to bring the pieces involved to life, but this is the one and only chapter in the series where sentient game pieces seem to exist without a Shadow Game.

Almost all of episode 7 of Str. Very little of what happens here is mentioned again, made especially jarring by the fact that Strain is only a thirteen-episode anime. The zombie episode of Samurai Champloo , which has overtly supernatural elements that would be out of place in the rest of the series, and ends with the main characters either dead or undead.

A very brief and light Lampshade Hanging later, and next episode, it's like none of this ever happened. In Cowboy Bebop : One episode has some sort of alien Blob Monster that had come to life in the refrigerator attack all the crew and it initially appears to kill them just incapacitating them briefly, instead. Lampshaded by Ed in the "Next Episode" preview on the English dub, which leads to a humorous exchange. Edward: And so, they all passed away, every one. It was a short series, but thanks for your support. That was the last episode. May they all rest in peace. Mao : Beats me, Hei.

This is The Gate , after all. Viga: Is this a PSA for keeping alligators as pets? Was this ever a problem in Japan? There's a message about discarding idols as well? Old waifu pushed away for your new waifu? Remember, keep your idols spayed and neutered. Comic Books. After being abandoned by Cable in 's Wakanda, Deadpool is soon tasked to find cosmic puzzle pieces by a Watcher and a Giant Pungeon Master Robot known as The Ruler of Earth not the kind of ruler you think, he rules nothing for seemingly no reason. This takes him to a few locations, including the Negative Zone.

Oh, and he accidentally blows up the moon. Also, a baby Watcher poops, which Odin uses to power Asgard for the next years. All in all, the issue makes zero sense, especially to newer readers who may not get some of the references. Mxyzptlk was basically an Excuse Plot device to put Superman in bizarre situations, especially since Mxy's returning was a Reset Button putting everything back the way it was. In short, they live up to a lawful good alignment instead of just paying it their usual lip-service. Sara's behavior remains unchanged from canon universe.

It can be quite bizarre to any reader used to their normal behaviors. At the end it's shown to be a wish-fulfillment dream of the DM's. Chronologically meant to take place between the Return of the King special and issue 57 in the Sonic timeline, it has Particle steal the Master Emerald and bringing it to Dr. In the end, Knuckles ends up wishing for everything to be restored to the way it was before, and afterwards, all but Particle and Shadowhawk forget the whole thing ever happened.

Droid was supposed to make a return appearance in a later miniseries, as the threat Knuckles was prophesied to defeat. Thanks to Executive Meddling , though, that plot was dropped and the miniseries got turned into the infamous "Mobius: 25 Years Later" arc. Like the above example, almost every intercompany crossover is a Bizarro Episode. They remain popular because of the potential for an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny , and if nothing else, there's always the hope that fans of one character will read the crossover and decide they like the other character as well and start reading that — basically, companies trying to cross-pollinate their fandom.

However, for legal reasons these crossovers very rarely have any impact on ongoing continuity although it happens occasionally , and works set in different universes tend to have different assumptions and physical laws, in particular about Power Levels. Most intercompany superhero crossovers have involved characters casually running into each other even though if they existed in the same universe they really should have had plenty of encounters before now or something, and afterwards are never mentioned again in-story unless there's another crossover.

Robin : Has an odd bit where Killer Moth starts asexually reproducing and fills an abandoned YMCA with tiny rude versions of himself that try to eat each other and grow to adulthood in about a week, and start running about Gotham nude attacking people when they're big enough to get out of the pool. This new power of Walker's was never mentioned or used again.

Issue 34 of the first incarnation of Marvel Comics ' What If? Issue 34 of the revived series did it again, although without the epilogue. Issue 44 took place during a story arc where the team battled the Brotherhood of Evil and had a Crossover with The Avengers. However, this specific issue instead featured a largely unrelated plot where Angel battled Red Raven, a forgotten Golden Age hero.

The story then veered off into a subplot about Red Raven having to prevent the return of the Winged Humanoids who raised him, before Angel ultimately left to continue his search for the Avengers. The only real explanation is that Roy Thomas, a well known Golden Age fan, wanted to feature one of his boyhood heroes in one of the books he was writing. The Tintin story Flight starts out normal enough for an adventure of that franchise: Tintin and company are kidnapped by Rastapopulus's henchmen, who later keep them prisoners on a tiny island somewhere in Indonesia. But it soon becomes clear that something weird is going on, and it turns out that aliens have been coming to the island for millennia.

And yeah, everybody except for Snowy Tintin's dog are forced to forget all about the adventure due to Laser-Guided Amnesia. Even compared to other "Tintin" stories, which acknowledge the existence of things like Voodoo magic or the Yeti, this is generally considered to be the odd one out. And it all of course ends with the "good" aliens erasing everybody's memory of the whole episode. Garfield was always a commercially-friendly strip, that clearly knew what its remit was, and wasn't going to confuse its audience by going beyond that.


In , a multi-strip storyline saw Garfield alone in his apparently long-abandoned house. And that's it, no further explanation. Still the most unusual Garfield strip that has ever appeared. It turned out to be All Just a Dream of one of the characters, a sentient street named Danny.

Euripides, Medea

Doom Patrol is essentially this for The DCU in general, and considering it exists in the same universe as aliens, gods, sorcerers, and Ambush Bug , that's really saying something. The franchise is often a vehicle for surreal, high-concept ideas, especially under the pen of the aforementioned Grant Morrison. Every year at Kwanzaa, Curtis runs a two-week-long Story Arc that involves new, made-up characters doing absolutely ridiculous things that resemble African folktales, with little concern for anything other than being awesomely over-the-top, often toeing the line between Rule of Cool and an outright Mind Screw.

Consensus among fans or at least among The Comics Curmudgeon and his followers is that these are among his best works; he even considers the otter "still the gold standard. Okay, the series was already bordering on the bizarre to begin with, but most others at least have something to do with the source material. This one?

"Game of Thrones" recap: This is everyone who died in the Battle of Winterfell

Had Mario as Van Helsing leading Link and Kirby through an adventure in their now possessed tower home to defeat Wario and Abigor, the latter of which was a demon from hell. It also features a zombie Princess Peach, Jason Voorhees , Chucky and Leatherface as characters and an absolute ton of other things from horror films. Issue 8 of the New 52 Superboy series. There was no build up to this issue, has no bearing on the series proper, it's just Superboy and Grunge fighting as Grunge talks about the qualifications of being a Ravager, and it is never mentioned again.

Dilbert has had a few, such as the time Alice killed the Pointy Haired Boss then ripped another PHB out of a parallel reality to replace him, or the time Scott Adams himself got stuck in the strip, which lead to a parody of The Wizard of Oz. The "Rock Zombies" arc of Runaways features Chase's new boss, a radio shock-jock, attempting to take over Los Angeles with a cursed song that turns anyone who listens to it and who has undergone plastic surgery into a zombie.

Out of Character moments abound like Karolina apparently being over Xavin, Klara becoming a gamer girl, and the Staff of One eating someone , the Big Bad just disappears without any real comeuppance, the zombie spell is reversed off-panel, and none of the events of the arc are ever mentioned again.

Granted, this is the penultimate story arc before the series was cancelled. Both issues of the Supergirl — Matrix Convergence tie-in, which are written by Keith Giffen, notorious for writing satirical stories about the DC Comics staff, current status quo, and characters. Issue 43 of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye , which diverges from the book's typical space adventures to depict a Community -esque genre homage of sitcom.

The characters spend most of the issue in their human holomatter disguises and the tech is even more scientifically soft than the anything else in the comic. However it averts the "never mentioned again" symptom thanks to James Roberts' insistence on avoiding filler no matter what; the issue, despite its strangeness, actually develops the plot a bit, furthering Swerve's character development and setting up the Agent subplot.

The Christmas Special at first seems to be purely non-canon nonsense; it features a Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming story about Starscream inventing a new holiday done in a cartoony art style. The main feature is a bizarre pastiche of Christmas tropes where for reasons that totally make sense the crew must decorate a large conical green thing with baubles, string up lights, wear paper crowns, and spend the evening nestled snug in their B. It's implied that some of this is because Brainstorm invented a " contrivance engine ".

And yet, it's actually canon; the swarm of scraplets that Whirl befriends shows up again in the series finale. The cast has just gotten back from a Trapped In Video Game Land arc, only Ash hasn't lost his Heroic Mime status, and then it turns out that Butch and Cassidy stole it just before they all left the video game world and now Butch is calling himself "Smash Ketchum" and using Ash's voice to hypnotize everyone over the radio. Then a battle happens and every time someone gets hit, their voice pops out of their body, leading to everyone switching voices for the rest of the episode.

However, it is one of the few canon rewrites to actually adapt "Depth Takes a Holiday" see below , and plays up the nonsense even more , with Jane nearly destroying Holiday Island with a Puff of Logic and Daria Breaking the Fourth Wall to address the reader at the end. Chapter B of The Parselmouth of Gryffindor , posted on April Fools' Day, is a metafictional piece of fluff where the author drops in to announce the story's going on a hiatus to the characters.

The spy parody Casino Royale Many things in the film are never mentioned again once they happen. It is all completely over the top even for psychedelic sixties spy flicks. Many scenes could be removed from the film with little or no damage to the plot. There are even some scenes that when seen together have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But somehow it fits together as a whole. You can blame this completely on the film's fascinating Troubled Production.

Those five directors listed in the credits? None had any contact with each other, and none were working with a complete script. Plus, Peter Sellers was originally supposed to be the star, but either quit or was fired depending on who you believe, prior to filming several important scenes, so the film was awkwardly retooled to center around David Niven instead. The entire second half of Gremlins 2: The New Batch is just a long series of gags which don't actually drive the storyline anywhere.

In fact, most of the first half of that film is entirely useless, as well. On the commentary, Zach Galligan eventually notes that despite being the nominal main character , he's only onscreen for about a third of it thanks to all the gags.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch has nothing to do with Michael Myers and instead has a plot that involves a mind-control conspiracy. What, you want continuity? Forget it. Not only does the film make no sense on its own, it is a stand-alone film with no connection to any of the other Halloween movies at all.

Originally the idea behind the Halloween movies was they'd have nothing in common except taking place on Halloween. The problem was the first one did too well and Michael Myers became too much of an icon to make the other movies without him. Halloween III was an attempt to revive their original plans and was so poorly received it killed all possibility of making any other movies not centering around Mr. The previous films were about serial killers prone to dressing up like Santa Claus.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday takes the franchise in a very different direction, with Jason less as an undead serial killer but as a demonic worm who can Body Surf. Future installments tend to act like it never happened. It says something that the comedic one with the Alice Cooper soundtrack, the crossover with Freddy, the one with the telekinetic girl, and the future one where Jason becomes a cyborg, all fit better in the series lore than part IX.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge has few thematic elements in common with the rest of the series, going for a Demonic Possession angle over the "dream killer" story of its predecessor. The original and the later sequels work as one continuous storyline, but the events of this one are largely forgotten. Slumber Party Massacre II , which is a musical full of Mind Screw where the psycho is a ghostly rockabilly who kills people with a drill attached to an electric guitar.

The previous film was comedic, but not as random as this one, while the proceeding one was completely serious, and the villains of both of those were just crazy, non-supernatural guys. Many of the rules and conventions of the setting are ignored, the entire premise feels totally out of place "the Enterprise crew tries to find God! Removing it from continuity entirely would have no effect on anything else in the franchise.

It's been noted as feeling a lot like William Shatner wrote his own original sci-fi story, then simply changed the names to Trek characters. It involves a Wookiee family watching a cooking show, some sort of strange Wookiee porn, a sci-fi action scene in cartoon form, a Wookiee watching an instructional video on how to assemble a transmitter every step of which is shown to the audience , and Bea Arthur as a singing bartender on Tatooine.

The only thing from it that's ever seen or referenced again is Boba Fett, and he only appears in the cartoon the Wookiees are watching. After a few years of skirting around the edges of the internet, Rick And Morty finally broke into the mainstream with its third season, which concluded last week. It's harder than ever to avoid the animated sci-fi comedy series from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland — but for newcomers who might be understandably bewildered by a show featuring the likes of Krombopulos Michael, Blim Blam the Klorblok, or Mr.

Poopybutthole, here's ten episodes to ease you in. What happens : Rick forces his grandson Morty to smuggle 'Mega Tree' seeds in his rectum — the first of their many intergalactic and interdimensional adventures. Why you should watch it: Always best to start at the beginning. But even Hitler cared about Germany or something. Buy 'Pilot' on Amazon. What happens: Rick is placed under arrest for crimes against Alternate Ricks by the authority of the Transdimensional Council Of Ricks.

Why you should watch it: Rick and Morty frequently plays with the concept of infinite timelines in an infinite multiverse. It also reveals the characteristically fucked-up reason that Rick keeps Morty around the entire time. Also, every 10 seconds, it stabs your balls. What happens: After freezing time in the Season 1 finale, Rick finally unfreezes time — only to cause a split in the space-time continuum, and two alternative timelines presented in split-screen.

Eventually, everything either is or isn't. What happens: An alien parasite sneaks its way into the family, infecting each of them with false memories about a cavalcade of increasingly zany characters. Buy 'Total Rickall'on Amazon. What happens: The wedding of Tammy and Birdperson goes horribly wrong when the Galactic Federation demands that Rick serve time for his crimes.

You realise our planet's name means dirt, right? Buy 'The Wedding Squanchers' on Amazon. You killed my best customer, but you saved a mind-reading fart. Buy 'Mortynight Run' on Amazon.

BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder) BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)
BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder) BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)
BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder) BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)
BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder) BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)
BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder) BLAM! Episode 3 (Between Love And Murder)

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