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Diabolus ex Nihilo is the non-video game equivalent: a bad guy who pops up out of the blue, does some damage, and dies. Contrast Outside-Context Problem , which is a villain or other problem whose indeterminate origin is the source of their mystery and danger. As you can see, many a Bonus Boss is not included because they are technically a bonus boss and may even be outside of canon.

Not necessarily related to Giant Enemy Crab , but it could be.

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Now available in the Trope Co. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Of course, I should've known. Action Games. Alien Soldier has "Wolfgunblood Garopa. No explanation is given on why it's there. After you defeat the Big Bad in the arcade version of Astyanax , who is a Shout-Out to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars , complete with "force lightning", you suddenly find yourself in the true final stage, which is a technorganic alien hive complete with eggs and Face Huggers.

At the end, of course, is the "Queen Alien", which obviously looks like a Xenomorph from the Alien movies. It's explained that Bayonetta and her entire clan of Umbra Witches are often accosted by Angels who their Demon contractors would love as sacrifices, and the whole game takes place during what can be seen as an entire revolution for the angels, so at no point can an angel appearing to fight Bayonetta be strange.

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The real Space Flea from nowhere is the one enemy of the game that isn't an angel It's a machine. The Occult Device: The Golem. It's not mentioned at any point in the story, and its backstory explains that it was created by both the Lumen and Umbra clans. Because the weapon was built by Witches and Sages, it makes it even stranger, still, that it appears in Paradiso, the world of the Angels, of all places.

It's just Slamming itself into random walls throughout the level and eventually fighting Bayonetta properly at the end, but it gets no mention in the plot, and the controller of this device or of the one that appears in A Tower To Truth is never revealed. While the final fight against Mom makes sense, as does Mom's Heart in The Womb to an extent , the latter is eventually replaced by It Lives , which makes less sense.

The Halloween update adds Sheol and Satan , which make some degree of sense, but then Wrath of the Lamb adds two more space fleas: Isaac himself and Joke Character??? The first new Final Boss of Rebirth is a space flea as well. Apparently the next logical step after fighting Satan is to fight The Lamb, some random demon found in the Dark Room.

It's just Satan again for no given reason. The only foreshadowing for this is one book in the library near the beginning of the game which describes a local folklore creature called "Snallygaster". Those are different names for the same thing, although the game never gives you that connection. It actually comes from real folklore for the Maryland region. Blood Rayne 2 had the Unraveler.

In a game about a Dhampyr assassin fighting a cult of vampires lead by her evil vampire father , Unraveler is a creature whose origin and nature are not explained into detail and doesn't seem to be related to vampires in anyway, but the heroine just runs into it when storming the villain headquarters. The only things we ever know about it is that it smells really bad and its picking up a fight with the Big Bad 's minions.

Castle Crashers also does this in the final level. As far as the bosses of The Very Definitely Final Dungeon go, although the Necromancer and re-animated Cyclops were seen in the game previously, the burly painter with a lunchbox for a head who attacks by painting monsters that were ripped straight from Newgrounds was not. Castlevania : Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has the final boss abruptly turn out to be Satan. After all the strife and struggle of reaching the end of Castlevania: Judgment , the player finally faces the mastermind behind the events of the game The Time Reaper.

To be honest, many of the bosses debuted in later games basically fit this trope, since there are no explanations on what they actually are and how do they get to end up serving Dracula, nor do they appear to have any plot relevance. Cave Story is solid for most of it even the fight against a tiny superfast mushroom makes sense. Monster X and Ironhead, on the other hand, are literally out of nowhere. All the latter gives you is "Something's coming", and the former just suddenly tries to run you over once the boss music suddenly starts and its dying cutscene is even more bizarre.

Interestingly, Ironhead is pulled directly out of one of the creator's earlier games. There's also Omega, which unlocks the sun stones in the Sand Zone, and Heavy Press nearly qualifies — however, after beating him, it's revealed that his Load-Bearing Boss nature is the only way to get to the final final FINAL final boss chamber. Comic Jumper has Benny, a walking, talking Total Recall reference complete with giant drill machine show up in the last Silver Age level, followed by the giant photorealistic head of a Japanese kid in the first manga level.

Supposedly, he's some ancient Eldritch Abomination in a Can , and while it comes out of nowhere at the last second, the whole reason the aliens have been attacking Earth for years was because they are Jovians and we took the relic from them and the shadowy conspiracy government covered it all up.

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They were just trying to get it back. This enemy appears as a Mini-Boss in later games. What is that thing? It looks like an organic ball that attacks you by throwing garbage and debris at you. In Dead Space , the bosses are usually given some sort of buildup; you find Doctor Mercer's notes on the creation of the Hunter before you actually fight it and after you freeze it, Mercer will start to show up again shortly before the Hunter thaws , you spend an entire level trying to make a poison to kill the Leviathan but it doesn't work so you just have to shoot it a bunch of times , and the Hive Mind is alluded to several chapters prior to fighting it.

However, the Slug is given zero foreshadowing. You get "Isaac, there's something blocking our communications" and have to man a giant gun in order to knock it off the antenna. Dead Space 2 has The Tormenter which just turns up after Isaac falls though the ceiling Isaac had spent the last two and a half levels running from a human gunship.

In Dead to Rights , at the end of the warehouse level, Jack Slate finds the guy he was chasing Gopher killed, and the person who killed him is Despair Embodied from Devil May Cry 2. He pops out of the carcass of the previous boss without any prior in-plot mention of his existence. In the relatively down-to-earth James Bond game Everything or Nothing , one of the early levels ends with Bond in a helicopter attacking a hidden base that rises out of the Nile that wouldn't look out of place in a Star Wars game.

Never gets mentioned again. The Rogons in E. Absolutely none of this is foreshadowed in any way, nor do the Rogons have any relevance to the rest of the game. Genji: Days of the Blade is an action game which is based on Japanese history. The stages of the game will also be based on famous battles which took — actually took place in ancient Japan. So here's this Giant Enemy Crab The beast suddenly appears after Kratos defeated the Last Spartan and its existence was not hinted at all prior to this.

It is believed that the Kraken was accidentally awakened by Kratos when the Phoenix is set free or as a trap placed there by the Sisters of Fate as the final guardian to prevent anyone from reaching them should someone awaken the Phoenix. God of War III has you battling in various boss fights against gods, mythic characters, and even a Titan. After the last boss in the previous sentence, the next boss is True, it's hinted at by a newly appeared enemy type that hasn't been seen before and some notes on the ground in the area, and said boss is carrying an artifact you need to progress The Guardian Legend 's Final Boss , "It", appears out of nowhere in outer space after the Naju planetoid has been destroyed.

Other out-of-place bosses are the "glider", which is actually an enemy from Zanac , and Teramute, a dragon that is only encountered in one corridor of the Forest area. Immediately after defeating the first final boss of Gungrave , an "Alien Head" erupts from the ground, causing you to fall from the previous boss's arena to an entirely separate corridor, in which you fight him for the true final battle. There is no dialogue to give you any clue as to what the hell just happened, and after defeating it, you are inexplicably placed outside the structure you're in. Much like the rest of the final level , the game neglected to mention many key details about this being, including his non-mutated human form.

Which is a shame, since he actually plays an important role in the backstory, but you wouldn't know this if you had merely played the game. Every single boss in Gunstar Heroes and its sequel embodies this trope. Case in point: the board game level, which features a giant face named Melon Bread, a bunch of little slime men that swarm you and only have 1 HP each, a giant gumdrop that summons clones that explode for no reason, and a teddy bear that can be defeated by being run over by a car. The game was written by the same people, so it's just an Easter Egg. But then you fight the final boss, Hades and in the end Hades is a robot controlled by the Martians.

Where's the real Hades? Was there a real Hades? Was he replaced? If Hades was always a robot, did Persephone or the other gods know? These questions will never be answered as the game ends there. Granted, he is holding a Plot Coupon , but he comes from out of nowhere with no explanation, no backstory, and nothing to suggest Those Wacky Nazis were engaging in anything other than bog-standard Nazism, not Super Science.

Indy doesn't even bat an eyelash as if throwing acid at an 8' tall fireball and furniture-throwing Super-Soldier is part and parcel with being an archaeologist. It bears no resemblance to any other enemy and seems to have no alliance with them, while at the same time having no bearing on the plot. What's even stranger is that the entire Forbidden Jungle has holes strewn throughout with tentacles poking out that foreshadow the boss. While it appears that it'll be leading up to another great plot hatched by the Lurkers, it turns out to just be an angry flower.

Played straight and then lampshaded in Kid Icarus: Uprising. At the end of Chapter 8, Pit prepares to take on the captain of the Space Pirates in order to retrieve the three Sacred Treasures he used to defeat Medusa in the first game, when suddenly a giant Kraken leaps out of nowhere and eats him. Palutena: A Space Kraken?! Well that came out of nowhere! Linkara : Why is there a gorilla in Central Park?

Role-Playing Games. It doesn't help that the game was supposed to have a sequel. Baldurs Gate 2 had the Twisted Rune. Originally intended as the hidden cabal behind several sidequests, including the Athkatla slaver ring and the serial-killing tailor, the actual breadcrumb trail that was to lead to them ended up as cut content. They remained in, however, peacefully chilling in their evil clubhouse under the docks district unless the player randomly stumbled across the entrance, resulting in being dropped straight into a battle with an eclectic bunch of obscenely overpowered spellcasters after trying to enter an ordinary-looking house.

Baten Kaitos Origins is particularly infamous for one of these. The game is a double disk, and you switch from one disk to the other right after battling a boss and moving to a new area. You have to save your progress when inserting the second disk, only to be shipwrecked and stranded in a hostile forest instantly and having to battle one of the most ridiculously difficult boss battles in the game since, most likely than not, your party will be severely underleveled and the boss can heal itself. It ends up being one of the cheapest battles in the game, since it's completely unexpected and thus you'll be unprepared for it.

And since you're stranded in a forest and you just saved your progress, you can't go back to raise your characters' level. At one point, you're in a ghostly area where it's stated that the walls between dimensions is weak. Best way to showcase this? A giant monster bursts out of another dimension, and you fight it back in. A kraken attacking the ship? A ghost in the basement of an old windmill? Fair enough. However, nothing even tries to explain the surreal, Christmas-themed Eldritch Abomination that shows up to menace the party in one post-game sidequest. Afterward, even the local NPCs are totally baffled.

There's also the Wendigrief, a mini-boss in Chapter 5. Brave Soul has two. One is a giant flying goldfish, although it gets a pass since it's found in some sunken ruins, and most of the monsters in the game look pretty weird anyway. The other, however, is a giant beetle, found in a Dragon's cave, and can't even be fought during the first visit, because of a scripted event triggered by the associated quest taking over control and moving the player directly to the destination.

The only reason it was even included was because one of the developers already made it. In Chrono Trigger , every boss you fight up until the battle against Dalton on top of the Epoch is more or less relevant to the plot. After that, you have the choice of battling Lavos one last time or go on several Side Quests. However, one boss fight during the main storyline occurs for no reason.

At the end of said cave, you'll see the 2 beasts standing in your way of entering the Mountain of Woe, then the Mud Imp arrives, yelling " Yer not gettin' through 'ere! If you kill the 2 beasts first, he'll eventually run away. Whether the Mud Imp dies or flees, it's never explained why he was in your way in the first place.

Chrono Cross and the Time Devourer. Sure, Lavos is mentioned a couple times in passing if you go out of your way to read side documents near the end. Schala isn't.

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But the game already gave two 'final' bosses before this, one at the end of a long dungeon and the prior requiring a long attunement and the entire game having built up to it. But then you fight this giant space-eating glowing thing that merged with Schala somehow and defeat it with The Power of Rock? What the hell? Dropping Magus in would have made about as much sense. Hell, Chrono, Marle, and a zombie Lucca would have made about as much sense. And what was with Miguel? Why was he a superpowered philosophical fisherman?


In Dark Cloud 2 Or Dark Chronicle , the final boss of the game, at the end of a bonus dungeon, is the Big Bad for no reason from the previous game. Duriel, the Bait-and-Switch Boss at the end of the second act of Diablo II , illustrates perfectly how even a boss with deep ties to the game's lore can end up as this trope if the developers neglect to include any explanation for the players.

As one of the seven Great Evils, he held comparable significance to fellow bosses Andariel, Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo. However, the lead-up to the boss fight had suggested that players would be facing Baal instead, and nothing about Duriel appears anywhere in either the game's sound files or manual. The only way the player would know his true identity is from reading the Diablo 1 manual or finding in-game lore in Diablo III. Fittingly enough, however, he's there to fake you out while Baal escapes.

Duriel: Looking for Baal? Shoot 'em Ups. Aero Fighters has an alien entity — a giant skinless apeman — break off a jar as the final boss. The second game has you fight a black eyeball that resembles Buckbaird at the end, or a Bedsheet Ghost , which is randomly selected.

Finally, at the third game, if you proceed good, you either fought a mutant ghost submarine in Bermuda Triangle, or go off to space and fight an UFO in another route. Do badly, and you'll fight a joke cartoon thing instead. And the rest of the game is you fighting various modern-day sometimes future , however war machines with a jetfighter except the third. Cuphead unconventionally inverts this trope with common enemies instead of bosses being out of context.

All boss enemies Cuphead and Mugman fight owe their souls to the Devil, who has charged the heroes with taking their contracts back by force. The Run-and-Gun levels on the other hand, feature basic-enemies and mini-bosses who have no real bearing in the plot, they aren't in service to the Devil nor the debtors and don't offer an explanation why they want to kill our heroes so badly other than presumably having set foot in their territory.

The third phase of the Werner Werman boss fight has him being eaten by the cat that can be seen in the background, forcing you to fight the cat instead. But then it turns out to be a subversion as when you defeat the cat, its face falls off, revealing it was a robot controlled by Werner himself. After you beat him, however, Tyrannosatan suddenly jumps out of an open portal to eat him. Tyrannosatan has no relevance to the plot, and is only there to provide a more climactic final boss. Although Jitterbug can come back as Bloody Jitterbug depending on how you've done.

Gun Bird 2 has you racing to collect elements to make a cure-all medicine to resolve whatever Excuse Plot there is in the game each of the 5 characters has a reason for the need of the medicine and fighting off a Goldfish Poop Gang pirate crew who wants the medicine for their own evil deeds.

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From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere From Out of Nowhere

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